GCSAC Members

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Carpe Diem Learning Systems: 39.517756, -84.353512
The Children\'s Home of Cincinnati: 39.164304, -84.407157
Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy: 39.110998, -84.528399
Cincinnati Hebrew Day School: 39.191997, -84.450598
Deer Park City Schools: 39.204800, -84.398393
Finneytown Local School District: 39.229121, -84.515669
Forest Hills Local Schools: 39.069684, -84.348366
Franklin City School District: 39.554280, -84.300887
Goshen Local School District: 39.225433, -84.151566
Great Oaks Institute of Technology: 39.287508, -84.415984
Hamilton County Educational Service Center/The Center for Collaborative Solutions: 39.280257, -84.565025
Indian Hill Exempted Village School District: 39.186100, -84.347248
Lebanon City Schools: 39.443223, -84.188429
Loveland City School District: 39.263232, -84.284240
Madeira City School District: 39.201060, -84.365696
Mariemont City School District: 39.139399, -84.341059
Mason City School District: 39.362440, -84.310705
Middletown City School District: 39.519202, -84.401228
Milford Exempted Village School District: 39.171263, -84.288840
Mt. Healthy City School District: 39.245416, -84.553668
North College Hill City School District: 39.215780, -84.553588
Northwest Local School District: 39.214256, -84.587348
Oak Hills Local School District: 39.111222, -84.660619
Princeton City School District: 39.296563, -84.399721
St. Bernard-Elmwood Place City Schools: 39.276277, -84.473303
Southern Ohio Educational Service Center: 39.437751, -83.775516
West Clermont Local School District: 39.091131, -84.273895
Winton Woods City School District: 39.288294, -84.525747
Wyoming City School District : 39.226160, -84.472080
Batavia Local Schools/Clermont County Educational Service Center: 39.082913, -84.143810
Three Rivers Local School District: 39.166825, -84.749573
Lockland Local School District: 39.228523, -84.453638
Springer School and Center: 39.132741, -84.459415
Little Miami School District: 39.326594, -84.188579
Phoenix Community Learning Center : 39.148329, -84.495572
Performance Academies (Mt. Healthy Preparatory and Fitness Academy): 39.232955, -84.549930
Richard Allen Schools: 39.764083, -84.207535
Hamilton/Clermont Cooperative Association: 39.233410, -84.550507
Kings Local School District: 39.357044, -84.248220
Clermont Northeastern Local School District: 39.164213, -84.093148
Summit Academy Community School: 39.185772, -84.467934
Summit Academy Transition High School: 39.197267, -84.544647
Summit Academy Secondary School: 39.509933, -84.344521
Warren County Career Center: 39.489337, -84.201880
Southwest Local School District: 39.259759, -84.811958
Bethel-Tate Local Schools: 38.965549, -84.096415
Orion Academy: 39.126407, -84.557581
Rockwern Academy: 39.208878, -84.364835
Reading Community Schools: 39.227432, -84.442157
New Richmond Exempted Village School District: 38.952567, -84.281337
Norwood City School District: 39.152503, -84.459618
Felicity Franklin High School: 38.839000, -84.096500
Sycamore Community Schools: 39.241700, -84.375900

Batavia Local School District
Bethel-Tate Local Schools
Carpe Diem Learning Systems LLC
Children’s Home of Cincinnati
Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy
Cincinnati Hebrew Day School

Clermont County
Educational Service Center

Clermont Northeastern
Local School District

Comprehensive Substitute Solutions
Deer Park City School District
Dohn Community High School

Finneytown Local School District
Felicity Franklin Local School District
Forest Hills Local School District

Franklin City School District
Goshen Local School District
Great Oaks Career Campuses

Hamilton County
Educational Service Center

Hamilton County
Mathematics and Science Academy

Horizon Science Academy

Indian Hill Exempted Village
School District

Kings Local School District

Lebanon City School District
Life Skills Center of Cincinnati
Little Miami School District
Lockland City School District
Loveland City School District
Madeira City School District

Mariemont City School District
Mason City School District
Middletown City School District

Milford Exempted Village
School District

Miniya Academies

Mt. Healthy City School District

New Richmond Exempted Village School District

North College Hill
City School District

Northwest Local School District
Norwood City School District
Oak Hills Local School District
Orion Academy
Performance Academies
Phoenix Community Learning Center
Princeton City School District
Reading Community Schools
Richard Allen Schools
Rockwern Academy

Schaefer Education Solutions

Southwest Local School District
Springer School and Center

St. Bernard-Elmwood Place
City School District

St. Joseph Orphanage
Summit Academies
Sycamore Community Schools
Three Rivers Local School District
Warren County Career Center
West Clermont Local School District
Winton Woods City School District
Wyoming City School District

Green Line

11083 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45231-1409

Would your district or educational organization like to be considered for membership in the GCSAS Consortia?
If so, please contact Matt Wendeln at the Hamilton County Educational Service Center.