School Based Therapist

Saint Aloysius

School-Based Therapist 12 month

Butler County Cambridge – Clinical

School-Based Therapist must demonstrate responsibility for maintaining a safe, secure, and orderly treatment environment by recognizing that his/her behavior impacts children and staff and be willing to examine and modify interventions independently and in response to supervision. The therapist will demonstrate sound clinical knowledge of the therapeutic process evidenced through effective interventions and problem solutions
Education:  A Master’s degree from an accredited college in social work, counseling, psychology or a related mental health field.  Must be a LSW or LPC; LISW or LPCC is preferred. 
Must be qualified to provide counseling, psychotherapy, family therapy, and related services to population referred to In-School services. 
Must be highly motivated, flexible, independent, excellent communication skills, ability to engage difficult youth and their families, and knowledge of social systems required
A minimum of five years experience working with mentally ill youth and their families of different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.
Valid driver’s license, good driving record and documentation verifying current automobile insurance.
Role Expectations:
Provide In-School prevention and crisis intervention services to individuals and their families who are referred to them.
Complete application process with the family to enroll them in the mental health system.
Perform initial assessment of each child.
Engage parents and families members in treatment, providing psychoeducational information about nurturing and behavior management
Develop a treatment plan within one month of the child’s admission to services.
Provide referral information for families in meeting concrete needs, such as housing, medical care and legal.
Using Qualifacts electronic medical records system, complete and submit all documentation in a timely manner, including but not limited to assessments, a service plan, progress reports and  a terminating report. Meet all utilization requirements assigned by School- Based Service Supervisor
Collect all necessary outcome data needed to evaluate the services
Attend all required St. Aloysius staff training, including but not limited to the 5 day orientation, weekly supervision, quarterly booster training and any other training deemed valuable to add to skills necessary to implement high quality service to youth and families
Provide consultation to school staff.
Collaborate effectively with agency partner involved in treatment planning for youth and family
Keep personal license/certification/registration current
Adhere to all federal, state, local laws and regulations regarding reporting of abuse, intent to harm, and other life-threatening situations
Adhere to agency confidentiality rules
Perform other duties as assigned

If you enjoy making a difference in the lives of children and their families, we encourage you to apply. 
St. Aloysius offers a competitive salary, excellent benefits and opportunities that are challenging and rewarding.


St. Aloysius is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

All licensures and degrees will be verified.






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