Anticipated Mental Health Manager-Head Start

Hamilton County ESC-Headstart program


Early Learning Program – Health Manager Board Approved: June 20, 2018

TITLE: Head Start Health Manager

QUALIFICATIONS: Licensed Registered Nurse preferred, Licensed Practical Nurse, or Medical
Assistant possessing all credentials and certification as required by Ohio state law required.
2 years’ experience in working with and caring for young children and adults.

REPORTS TO: Compliance and Health Coordinator

JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for a comprehensive assessment of children’s
health and safety.

1. Have knowledge of Federal Head Start Performance Standards and agency work plans.
2. Collaborate with other support staff to ensure that incoming health information is current and
3. Review children’s health histories, physical and immunization records sending letters to
parents of updates needing to occur.
4. Follows-up on abnormal medical findings with parents and health professionals.
5. Development of individualized health care plans completed by Health Supervisor or Registered
6. Training staff in medication administration and Health Care Plan upon approval of parent and
physician. Training is completed by one of the following: Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical
Nurse, Medical Assistant, and Health Supervisor.
7. Oversee the Health screening of Head Start children’s vision, hearing, blood pressure,
hemoglobin, lead, and other health screenings.
8. Travel to classrooms frequently to conduct screenings including vision, hearing, and hemoglobin
as needed.
9. Send screening results and referrals to parents.
10. Monitor and follow-up on hearing and vision referrals.
11. Travel to classrooms frequently to meet with staff, volunteers and /or parents.
12. Conduct outreach to area Pediatric offices, hospitals and community health programs to maintain
strong relationships.
13. Communicate to parents and medical personnel sensitive information in a professional and
empathic manner.
14. Work closely with special services staff to insure that all identified children have needed
health screenings to allow for proper IEP evaluations.
15. Monitor accuracy of health screening equipment and arrange for maintenance as needed.
16. Keep children’s immunization records, dental exams, and EPSDT exams accurate and up to date.
17. Contact and follow-up with parents/guardians when children’s medical and dental exams are
expiring and/or expired.
18. Advise staff and parents on health issues.
19. Follows all applicable laws governing nursing practice in the State of Ohio and


Early Learning Program – Health Manager Board Approved: June 20, 2018
standards of professional and ethical nursing practice and guidelines as defined by professional
organizations including but not limited to the American Nurses Association, Ohio Board of Nursing,
and HCESC policies and procedures.
20. Acquires and maintains current knowledge and competency in nursing practice related to school
health issues.
21. Health Manager’s must meet and understand program’s goals and mission and maintain job
description qualifications.
22. Health Manager’s must support the programs philosophy, goals, and culturally and linguistically
represent the community and program. Manager’s should understand agency history, philosophy, and
23. Attend staff performance meetings with supervisor to receive feedback based on expectations
contained in job descriptions, program plans, and policies and procedures.
24. Attend staff development with supervisor to reflect on performance appraisal system that assess
staff’s skills and interest, establish professional development goals and plans, and monitor
25. Ensure a safe, attractive, well equipped program environment by contributing to the development
of sound budgets, purchasing high quality materials and equipment, and establishing and/or
implementing systems to monitor and maintain/replace equipment and facilities.
26. Work collaboratively with committees, policy groups, and governing body by sharing data,
problem solving, acting on their recommendations, and/or implementing policies and plans.
27. Supports the governing body, policy group, and advisory committee members in making informed
decisions about program plans and policies by training members on the program’s philosophy and
requirements and by providing them with accurate and timely information.
28. Develops meaningful and realistic program plans by analyzing results from the previous year’s
program improvement efforts and multiple data sources to identify program improvement needs.

1. Demonstrate ability to solve problems and think independently.
2. Proficient at detail work with high responsibility.
3. Possess strong clinical skills.
4. Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information and maintain professional
boundaries with families.
5. Ability to relate to persons with diverse educational, socioeconomic, and ethnic
6. Ability to interact with special needs children.
7. Ability to read, triage and understand children’s medical and dental records.
8. Ability to work additional hours to complete tasks and attend some evening meeting.
9. Strong computer literacy and familiarity with various applications, database, word
processing, e-mail and Internet.
10. Possess strong organizational, oral and written communication skills.


Early Learning Program – Health Manager Board Approved: June 20, 2018
11. Possess valid driver’s license and vehicle operated legally according to Ohio law.


Shall be assigned up to a maximum of 210 days of work based on the needs of the program. Salary to
be established by the Board.


Performance will be evaluated in accordance with Board policy.

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