Pre K Part -Time School Psychologist

Finneytown Local School District




Do you want to change the landscape of what school looks like? Are you uncomfortable with traditional school approaches and endless complaints about the good old days? Come to Finneytown!  

Here at Finneytown, we are different. We are working hard to create more collaborative experiences for students through the use of Responsive Classroom and Restorative Practices.  As a staff, we gather in circles, using liberating structures such as Open Space and World Café.  We focus on approaching challenges through an appreciative, rather than deficit-based, lens.  

If you are a person who prefers to “close your door and do your own thing,” we may not be the place for you.  We are focused on finding creative solutions to challenges and growing Project-Based Learning in our classrooms.  We value innovative thinking and the desire to continuously get better.     

We’ll be honest, working at Finneytown Local School District isn’t for everybody, but if you are seeking the opportunity to try new ways of doing school and are committed to taking care of all people, then apply now!

Successful candidate will, among other responsibilities: 

  • Provide psycho-educational assessments, program planning and consultation services.
  • Collaborate with staff, students, families and the community to delineate short/long-range school psychology program needs/opportunities.
  • Provide opportunities for all students to participate in an inclusive educational environment.
  • Collaborate with staff to identify/resolve problems that impede student learning.
  •  Help ensure that assessment procedures support non-biased planning activities
  • Plan/implement student intervention strategies that produce tangible evidence-based benefits within specified time-frames.
  • Assist intervention teams prepare individualized educational plans (IEP).

             *  Salary range will be in accordance with the Negotiated Master Contract.

             *  Starting date:  August 17, 2023

             *  Contract is .4 FTE of 186 service days; 5 extended service days may be assigned.

             *Current, appropriate Ohio Department of Education License
             *Satisfactory BCI and FBI background checks
             *Behavioral management skills substantiated by training/work experience

                          All candidates are required to complete an online application:

                      Employment    Online Application

                                                  Dr. Jen Dinan, Assistant Superintendent


Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Employment Opportunity:  The Finneytown Local School District Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), military status, ancestry, or age in its programs, activities or employment opportunities.

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