Fifth and Sixth Grade Math Teacher

Rockwern Academy

Rockwern Academy, Cincinnati’s pluralistic Jewish Day School, is looking for a teacher to teach fifth and sixth-grade math, kindergarten through second-grade math enrichment, and kindergarten through sixth-grade math remediation for the 2023- 2024 school year. 

Who are we? 

Rockwern Academy’s mission is to expand minds, celebrate Judaism, nurture community, and commit to building a better world.   An exceptional student-teacher ratio allows us to value each student as a true individual, discovering what gives them their inner spark. The school serves toddlers through sixth graders (and in some years, seventh and eighth graders too).

Qualified applicants will have an Ohio teaching certificate with a master’s degree preferred.  We especially welcome candidates with experience in middle school grades, and experience and/or certification in additional content areas. 

Knowledge of Judaism is not required, and candidates of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.  



To support the school’s mission of offering a superior education by providing direct and differentiated instruction to children according to current best educational practices, partnering with the school as we: 

  • Inspire a lifelong love of learning
  • Create a more compassionate world by teaching values and ethics that last a lifetime
  • Nurture our powerful sense of community, fostering strong relationships between students of all ages, teachers, staff, and families
  • Explore the power of technology to engage students and
  • Inspire curiosity as we equip our students with critical thinking and problem-solving tools.

Reporting Relationship

The position is responsible to the Principal. 



  • Create and maintain a safe, organized, fair, effective, and inviting classroom that reflects the teacher’s awareness of students’ physical, social, and intellectual development and needs
  • Prepare and follow lesson plans that mirror the curriculum and support desired learning, adapting as appropriate
  • Manage classroom behavior in a positive and supportive manner by adopting the following tenets:
    Create ground rules with students
    Establish routines
    Consistently model care, respect, acceptance, and empathy, both verbally and nonverbally
  • Use a variety of appropriate approaches to reinforce acceptable behavior
  • Present curricular material in a clear, fresh, and relevant manner, using various media, activities, and groupings
  • Actively seek ways to integrate curricula across disciplines
  • Prepare and maintain materials and supplies that enhance learning
  • Design realistic and age-appropriate units and long-term assignments that support the curriculum and enhance students’ development and learning
  • Individualize instruction to meet students’ needs:
    Learn students’ preferred learning modalities, current understandings, and skill level
    Work to close gaps in learning
    Adapt approved materials and methods as needed
    Seek additional resources
    Encourage students to help one another
    Modify instruction in response to children’s emotional state or level of frustration
    Create time to work individually with children
  • Design assessments that are reasonable and valid measures of student progress and understanding
  • Demonstrate consistency in grading and return graded materials promptly
  • Use assessment results to improve/refine instructional practice


  • Post relevant, accurate, and timely information to Rockwern’s Learning Management System
  • Provide bi-weekly communication to parents that highlights subject area content
  • Contribute, when asked, to the weekly e-newsletter or other communication or marketing vehicles


  • Suggest improvements in curriculum, assessment, policies, practices, etc.
  • Attend all required events; attend extra-curricular activities and PTO functions when possible
  • Assume responsibility for own professional development
  • Use an Individualized Professional Development Plan to communicate goals and objectives
  • Seek out and attend workshops, seminars, etc. that contribute to professional goals and enhance practice
  • Maintain all pertinent documentation relevant to Rockwern Academy’s required 8 hours of professional development activities yearly and for state licensure, if applicable
  • Exhibit commitment to lifelong learning and the growth or change it may engender
  • Demonstrate commitment to teamwork and collegiality by helping others and accepting suggestions for improvement

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