Toddler Teacher in Early Childhood Education Center (2021-2022 SY)

Rockwern Academy


To support Rockwern Academy’s Early Childhood Education Center’s (ECEC’s) mission by providing a nurturing play-based education to children 12 – 23 months of age; by maintaining open lines of communication with parents, administrators and other staff; by keeping complete and accurate records; and by basing expectations, practice, and behavior in a high degree of professionalism.  

The Toddler Teacher must have a college degree (or be in the process of obtaining a college degree).



The position is responsible to the ECEC Director.



  • Create and maintain a safe, organized, and inviting classroom that reflects the teacher’s mindfulness of students’ physical, social, and intellectual development and needs
  • Prepare and follow weekly lesson plans that mirror the curriculum and support desired learning, adapting as appropriate
  • Manage classroom behavior in age appropriate ways
    • Create ground rules with students
    • Establish routines
    • Consistently model care, respect, acceptance, and empathy, both verbally and nonverbally
    • Use a variety of appropriate approaches to reinforce acceptable behavior
      Present curricular material in a clear, fresh and relevant manner, using a variety of media, activities, and groupings
  • Prepare and maintain materials and supplies that enhance learning
  • Design realistic and age-appropriate units that support the curriculum and enhance students’ development and learning
  • Individualize instruction to meet students’ needs


  • Send bi-weekly communication to parents
  • Ensure that all written communication is grammatically correct, contains no typographical errors, and is professionally presented
  • Frequently provide parents with an honest yet diplomatic assessment of their child’s progress, challenges, and successes
  • Serve as a liaison between the school and parents, interpreting and providing rationale for programs, decisions, and actions as necessary; alert administration of potential conflict or difficulties
  • Respond to e-mail, voicemail, written notes, and other forms of communication within 24 hours, copying administration as appropriate
  • Confer with parents regarding educational and behavioral problems, including administration as appropriate
  • Contribute, when asked, to our weekly e-newsletter and other communication or marketing vehicles
  • Gather pertinent information about children’s specific needs and issues during the first weeks of school
  • Greet children daily as they enter the classroom; demonstrate respect and empathy for all children and parents


  • Maintain confidentiality on all levels: children, teachers, parents, and administration
  • Suggest improvements in the areas of curriculum, assessment, policies, practices, etc.
  • Act in the best interests of Rockwern Academy
    • Publicize successes
    • Speak positively about and to teachers, staff, students, administration, and the community
    • Avoid gossip
    • Treat children, staff, and parents with respect, even when stressed
    • Assume positive intentions
    • Use appropriate language, both verbal and nonverbal
    • Dress appropriately
    • Display caring
  • Demonstrate suitable meeting behavior:
    • Arrive on time
    • Refrain from side talk
    • Share ideas openly and freely
    • Listen actively and with an open mind
    • Be respectful
    • Use humor appropriately
  • Attend all required events; attend extra-curricular activities and PTO functions when possible
  • Assume responsibility for personal professional development
    • Use an Individualized Professional Development Plan to communicate goals and objectives
    • Seek out and attend workshops, seminars, etc. that contribute to professional goals and enhance practice
    • Exhibit commitment to life-long learning and the growth or change it may engender
    • Demonstrate commitment to teamwork and collegiality by helping others and accepting suggestions for improvement
    • Be on time for assigned duties and find a replacement when needed

Administrative Duties

  • Maintain complete, accurate, and understandable attendance and academic records
  • Keep necessary records to document professional development
  • Complete all needed reports and forms completely and accurately and submit on time
  • Create and maintain a thorough, current, and helpful Substitute Teacher packet
  • Supervise children during fire and tornado drills, as well as on the playground and in the halls or cafeteria, even those who are not in one’s class

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