Behavior Intervention Specialist Grades K-6

Reading Community City Schools

Behavior Intervention Specialist 2023-2024

Seeking an intervention specialist to provide behavior support at Reading Elementary School (k-6). 


Intervention Specialist in Mild/Mod or Mod/Intense
–specialized training in behavior preferred (BCBA, ABA or willing to pursue certification)

Experience with functional behavior assessments and behavior improvement plan implementation. 
De-escalation and hold protocol certified. 

Essential Functions:

IEP writing, ETR consulting, and caseload management in making sure compliance is met on all timelines.  
Interacts with students according to their Individual Behavior Intervention Plan, Individual Educational Program or Section 504 Accommodation Plan
Observes and intervenes to redirect inappropriate student behavior
Provides assistance to teachers when approved de-escalation techniques are utilized and when a student needs a calming environment  
Provides guided practice and other instructionally relevant activities to students as directed  
Assists, monitors, and guides the student to complete tasks  
Assists individual students as needed with adaptive, functional and life skills
Assists instructional staff with data collection, instructional accommodations, and modifications  
Assists the student in using age-appropriate self-management skills as related to the children’s educational needs
Implements approved de-escalation and crisis/emergency procedures according to protocol
Promotes a safe learning environment  
Monitors student behavior prior to the beginning of the official start of the school day, during student periods, between classes, free time, bus drop-off/pick-up and other times as assigned
Attends and demonstrates competency in behavior technician training
Ability to restrain a student (in accordance with protocol) with the help of others if a student’s behavior escalates to a potentially dangerous level.
Assume other responsibilities and duties as assigned.
Consults with classroom teachers and educational assistants to support students in the general education setting
Experience in developing functional behavior assessments (FBA) and behavior intervention plans (BIP).
Explicitly teaching skills both behavioral and academic. 
Develop a systematic approach to behavior management/Point system that has clearly defined goals

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