Assistant High School Principal

Sycamore Community Schools/Sycamore High School

Assists the principal in overseeing the daily and long-range total operation of the high school by
performing the following duties.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may
be assigned.

Assists the principal to ensure the school runs effectively and efficiently daily.
Oversees the disciplinary and attendance programs as applicable.
Assists in monitoring compliance of master contracts and Board policies and procedures.
Monitors applicable grades 504 plans.
Serves as case manager for special education students as applicable.
Oversees multiple activities and programs as applicable, including but not limited to
student sexual harassment, scholarships, crisis situations plans, seniors award night, field
trips, after prom activities, student handbook, underclass awards night and extracurricular
Oversees student and staff parking as applicable.
Serves as coordinator or co-coordinator of applicable programs including but not limited
to graduation, proficiency remediation, 8th-grade curriculum orientation, 9th-grade/new
student orientation, building safety/drills, advanced placement testing, and school and
district calendars.
Performs staff evaluations as applicable.
Interviews substitutes and serves as orientation coordinator as applicable
Serves as departmental liaison as applicable.
Serves as coordinator or co-coordinator to multiple activities including master schedule
development, course plan booklet and schedule and north central report.
Oversees room assignments as applicable.
Performs applicable fiscal responsibilities including but not limited to building budget,
work orders, custodial payroll and summer maintenance.
Performs public relations/community responsibilities including but not limited to facility
use coordinator, parent conferences coordinator, parent communication committee and
Montgomery Women’s Club Liaison.
Assumes responsibility of maintaining up to date knowledge of technology utilized by the

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