Executive Administrative Assistant

Indian Hill Exempted Village School District



 6855 Drake Road
Cincinnati, OH  45243
(513) 272-4500
 March 15, 2021

POSITION: Executive Administrative Assistant – Office Manager
LOCATION: District Office

Reports to: Superintendent or designee
Terms: If interested, please complete the online application

Salary: Commensurate with education and experience  
Job Objective: Organizes and coordinates office activities.

NOTE: This addendum describes additional responsibilities added to a primary job assignment.  Duties are assigned based on employee expertise, availability, time constraints, and job demands.  Responsibilities may be reassigned or altered to meet current or emerging organizational needs.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Post-secondary business school training or equivalent accounting work experience is desirable. An acceptable score on a pre-employment test may be required.
  • Meets all mandated health screening requirements.
  • A record free of criminal violations that would prohibit public school employment.
  • Embodies high ethical standards and integrity.  Accepts responsibility for decisions and conduct.
  • Complies with drug-free workplace rules, board policies, and administrative guidelines/procedures
  • Effective organizational planning and project management skills.
  • Ability to conceptualize, evaluate, prioritize, and solve complex problems independently.
  • Ability to interact comfortably and confidently with staff and the public.
  • Ability to follow complex instructions and recognize/correct errors independently.
  • Ability to interact comfortably and confidently with the public. 
  • Congenial telephone etiquette.
  • Consistently discreet, dependable and flexible. 
  • Open to performing new responsibilities.
  • Proficient in office protocols, data entry, spelling, proofreading, and the correct use of grammar.
  • Record maintenance skills.  Ability to accurately compute and record mathematical data.
  • Energetic self-starter.  Thorough, gives careful attention to details and effective customer-service.
  • Ability to establish discretionary working relationships with multiple supervisors; strong working relationships with co-workers; function as part of a cohesive team.
  • Commitment to keep current with work skills, technology skills essential to the objectives of the position; proficient in the use of computer hardware/software associated with the assignment. 


Essential Functions:
The following are typical work responsibilities.  A reasonable accommodation may be made to enable a qualified individual with a disability to perform essential functions.Assists the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Directors with essential work to prepare and deliver board resources and documents that support the curriculum, programs, and staff relations of the district:
Provides multifaceted administrative support services.  Uses independent judgment and ingenuity to plan, organize and carry out responsibilities.  Handles multiple tasks simultaneously.
Plans and implements strategies to accomplish tasks within adopted time-frames.
Keeps administrators aware of work progress and pending deadlines.
Facilitates teamwork.  Directs the work of central office staff.  Assumes responsibility for the results of duties delegated to staff.
Helps resolve problems.  Promotes a safe, efficient, and effective work/learning environment.
Ensures that departmental filing systems support the efficient storage and retrieval of district records.  Monitors the consistent backup data to safeguard electronic/digital information.
Keeps informed about program/procedure changes.  Routinely interacts with all departments and program services to ensure complete communications.
Consults with building staff to ensure that shared resources/facilities are used effectively.
Assists with special projects as directed.  Helps coordinate building activities (e.g., conferences, open houses, orientation programs, recognition activities, in-service training, special events, etc.).
Assists with unexpected/urgent situations as needed.
Coordinates office staff meetings and in-service training as directed.
Performs other specific job-related duties as directed.

Abilities Required: The following personal characteristics and skills are important for the successful performance of assigned duties.Demonstrates professionalism and contributes to a positive work environment.
Uses active listening, observation, reading, verbal, nonverbal, and writing skills effectively.
Maintains an acceptable attendance record and is punctual
Anticipates time constraints.  Manages tasks efficiently to meet deadlines.
Reacts productively to interruptions and changing conditions.

Working Conditions: Safety is essential to job performance.  Employees must exercise caution and comply with standard safety regulations and district procedures when involved in the following situations:Balancing, bending, crouching, kneeling, reaching, and standing.
Exposure to adverse weather conditions and temperature extremes.
Exposure to blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases.
Interacting with aggressive, disruptive, and/or unruly individuals.
Operating and/or riding in a vehicle.
Performing repetitive tasks quickly.
Lifting, carrying and moving work-related supplies/equipment.
Traveling to meetings and work assignments.
Using a computer keyboard and monitor for prolonged periods.

Performance Evaluation: Job performance is evaluated according to policy provisions and contractual agreements adopted by the Indian Hill School District Board of Education.

The Indian Hill School District Board of Education is an equal opportunity employer.  This job description identifies general responsibilities and is not intended to be a complete list of all duties performed.  This document is subject to change in response to student demographics, staffing factors, funding variables, modified operating procedures, program/curriculum changes, and unforeseen events.


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