Substitute Teachers

Goshen Local Schools

Goshen Local Schools hires our own substitutes and are not a part of any consortium pools. We like to have a consistent set of educators working with our students. If you would like to meet and discuss joining the district as a building substitute please call or email Brian Bailey to set up a time to meet.

Once hired as a substitute there are also several positions individuals could fulfill within the district.

  • 6-12 Academic Tutor- $25/hour (Math, Science, ELA)
  • Building Substitute- $120/day
  • Daily Substitute- $110/day
    Incentive pay for daily Goshen substitute teachers as follows: The incentive bonus will be paid on the pay period when the milestone is reached.
    Sub 15 days – bonus $150
    Sub 30 days – bonus $200
    Sub 50 days – bonus $250
    Sub 75 days – bonus $300
    Sub 100+ days – bonus $350
    Possible Total- $1250

To apply for this job please visit