Tutor / Assigned to a District

Hamilton County ESC

TITLE:                                          Tutor / Assigned to a District


•      Valid Ohio Teaching Licensure in the academic content area in which they will be providing tutoring.

•      3 years of teaching or academic tutoring experience preferred.

•      Schedule flexibility.

•      Strong commitment to education

•      Other qualifications as may be acceptable to the Board


REPORTS TO:                     Superintendent or Designee

JOB SUMMARY:               Provides direct academic instruction to students either individually or in small group settings while working among and to provide support for teachers and other staff in the school setting.


•      Communicate and collaborate with the teachers and staff members of the students being tutored.

•      Work with students who are referred by their teacher or counselor when a need of additional academic support is identified.  

•      Teach and re-teach academic concepts and study skills.

•      Provide documentation of interventions and supports provided to measure progress.

•      Effectively access the technology utilized by students and staff to best support students with their academics.

•      Effectively present information to administration, staff, and parents.

•      Maintain professionalism and serve as a role model for students in how to conduct themselves as intelligent, responsible human beings, while instilling in students the belief in and practice of ethical principles and values.

•      Observe strict confidentiality with regard to students records, personal information and otherwise.

Work the number of hours and days per week as determined by the tutor and supervisor.



Shall be appointed to a limited contract with the number of work days established by the employment

contract.  Salary to be established by the Board.



Performance will be evaluated in accordance with Board policy.


To apply for this job please visit www.applitrack.com.