Intervention Specialist – The Learning Center @ North Norwood

Hamilton County Educational Service Center-The Learning Center @ North Norwood

TITLE: Intervention Specialist – Learning Center at North Norwood

Ohio licensure and highly-qualified status (in assigned areas) as an Intervention Specialist;
certification in the use of Nonviolent (Physical) Crisis Intervention

Program Supervisor

To provide academic and behavioral instruction, supports, and services in a public
separate school to students with educational disabilities experiencing behavioral and/or
mental-health needs, the goal being to return those students to
less-restrictive environments operated by their public school districts.

1. Uphold and enforce federal, state, and local guidelines in the education of students with
educational disabilities.
2. Maintain all required paperwork relating to the academic and behavioral instruction, supports,
and services for all assigned students, including multifactored evaluations (MFEs), Individual
Education Plans (IEPs), functional behavioral assessments (FBAs), behavior intervention plans,
report cards, IEP progress reports, daily behavioral ratings, Critical Incident Reports, Office
Discipline Referrals, and any other assigned report.
3. Provide academic instruction in all assigned areas utilizing the Learning Center’s adopted
curriculum and in alignment with Ohio Academic Content Standards and researched-based best
4. Prepare unit and lesson plans utilizing the Learning Center’s adopted format and including
learning goals and objectives, pre-assessment strategies, instructional strategies, differentiation
strategies, and post-assessment strategies.
5. Ensure constant supervision for all assigned students.
6. Assist in escorting students to all assigned areas within the building, including up and down
7. Provide behavioral instruction (e.g., Positive Behavior Supports, social skills, affective
education, and communication) utilizing the Learning Center’s adopted curriculum and in alignment
with researched-based best practices.
8. Assist with functional behavioral assessment and behavior intervention planning for all
assigned students.
9. Implement identified behavioral interventions with integrity to their design and in alignment
with research-based best practices.
10. Implement Nonviolent (Physical) Crisis Intervention at any time necessary to ensuring the care,
welfare, safety, and security of students, staff, and building visitors.
11. Work collaboratively with all building staff, parents/guardians, and community-support
12. Supervise assigned Teacher Assistant, utilizing collaborative problem solving in those
instances where concerns arise and bringing on-going, unresolved concerns to the attention of the Program Supervisor.

13. Attend and contribute to all required staff meetings.
14. Report to work and perform designated duties in accordance with the established time schedule.

1. Maintain personal professional development.
2. Maintain inventory of Learning Center property.
3. Other duties as assigned.

1. Salary as per current salary schedule.
2. School calendar(s) adopted or any amendments thereto.
3. Fulfill all duties in connection with his/her job assignment as he/she may be directed to
4. Abide by and maintain all rules, regulations and policies presently in existence, adopted or
amended hereafter by Hamilton County Educational Service Center during this contract term for its
government and the government of its employees and the pupils of the school district.

Professional Personnel will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Board’s policy
and the master agreement on evaluation.

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