Bobbie B. Fairfax School



TITLE:                      Instructor


LOCATION:         Bobbie B. Fairfax School                                  

                                    4999 Kingsley Drive                               

                                    Cincinnati, OH  45227                                    


QUALIFICATIONS:  Bachelor degree in special education or related fields.  Has or eligible for Ohio teaching license and appropriate intervention specialist license.  Possess valid driver’s license and meets agency driver’s insurability requirements.



DUTIES:        (Not intended to describe all duties.)

Supervises instructor assistant; instructs and evaluates instructor assistant; works with instructor assistant to solve student behavior problems or achieve goals.


Instructs students with developmental disabilities; assists students individually or in groups in working toward established goals; prepares teaching materials or aids to assist in student learning; sets up and operates audio visual equipment to aid in instruction.


Assesses student using appropriate assessment tools in various program areas, gathers information from parents, professionals and records from students, and writes Individual Education Plans (IEP), positive behavior support plans; Evaluation Team Report (ETR), Alternate Assessment (AA), documents activities performed and progress toward IEP objectives; completes scheduled updates on IEP.


Prepares and records daily lesson plans to address student needs; orders materials as needed for instruction; records data on daily activities, behavior programs, toileting schedules, and feeding programs for evaluation of students and revision of programs; records attendance, seizure activities, toileting activities and behavior problems of students; maintains substitute book.


Attends to physical needs of students as necessary (e.g., assists with feeding, toileting, changing soiled clothes, mobility, illness, etc.); lifts, positions, and moves students in a safe manner, according to in-service training, using proper lifting techniques; assists with loading and unloading of students on buses and other vehicles.


Works cooperatively; meets, and maintains contact with other staff, parents, caseworkers, medical personnel, specialists, etc. to achieve student goals and programming as identified by IEP; facilitates communication with students through use of sign language, picture communication, etc.; communicates with parents regularly regarding student activities and progress; communication with parents regarding student activities and progress.


Develops and demonstrates knowledge of current developments in field to provide most beneficial care; attends meeting, in-services, workshop, etc. (e.g., participates in employer provided training); serve on various school committee as assigned.


Maintains required licenses; working toward appropriate intervention specialist license if needed, including CPR/First Aid, CPI, certified school van driver, and delegated nursing.


Administers oral and topical medication(s) and tube feedings to students after receiving appropriate training, and when delegated by a Registered Nurse employed by the agency.


After volunteering for appropriate training, transports students in county vehicles when requested by an Administrator; travels to and gains access to other work sites as needed in a safe, efficient and effective manner in accordance with the agency’s established procedures.



Pay Range starts at:  $41,391.00 (starting salary based on experience; 35 hours/week)

Generous Health and Dental Insurance Plans

State Teacher’s Retirement System



         Please apply online at:

o Our website (Careers) or

o Hamilton County website (Employment, Job Announcements)


         All applications must be submitted by Until Filled.


To apply for this job please visit