English Teacher

  • Charter
  • 4720

Marshall High School


●      Most hold a valid Ohio educator license, (RE, Alt RE or 5 year professional) 7-12 grade levels in related content area

●      Bachelor’s degree in education, content area, or related field

●      Effective communication and organizational skills and proficiency in technology

●      Passion for improving educational outcomes for opportunity youth students

●      Commitment to continued personal and professional growth




●      Facilitate student learning through one-on-one or small group instruction through our online curriculum and your own supplemental lesson plans

●      Build consistent and fair classroom environments

●      Keep accurate academic records for your caseload students

●      Collaborate with colleagues demonstrating a model of connected educators and develop positive working relationships with students, parents, and school staff

●      Be a data-driven practitioner while developing guidance and support for students

●      Adapts and enriches the curriculum using multiple strategies and online tools in imaginative and enriching ways to actively engage students in their learning

●      Ensure an orderly, motivational and aspirational culture and a strong school community where teaching, learning and healthy relationships can thrive

●      To maintain good order and discipline among the students, safeguarding their health and safety

●      To maintain a regular system of monitoring, assessment, record-keeping and reporting of student progress

●      To be part of a whole school team, actively involved in decision-making on the preparation and development of policies and programs of study, teaching materials, and resources

To apply for this job please visit www.marshallhs.org.