Intervention Specialist – Unit LINK

West Clermont Local School District

Link Position:
West Clermont Local School District has openings for an Intervention Specialist (Link) for the 2021-2022 school year. 
Link Position Summary:
West Clermont is seeking intervention specialists to provide academic and behavioral instruction, support and services in West Clermont’s Link Program classroom within an elementary (K-5) building for students with significant communication, social-emotional and behavioral needs (i.e., students with Autism or similar characteristics). 
Intervention Specialist will be responsible for planning, executing and delivering instruction across areas (e.g., academic, functional daily living skills, communication, behavior, etc.). Teachers are supported by and supervise paraprofessionals. Teachers collaborate with a multidisciplinary team (e.g., general education teachers, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, etc.) to meet student needs. Experience with best practices for supporting students with autism is desired (e.g., structured teaching, Applied Behavior Analysis, PECS, and sensory supports).  
Link Teacher Qualifications:
Ohio licensure as an Intervention Specialist – Moderate to Intensive preferred, but not required. 
Link Program Overview: A program to support students who have difficulties in the areas of verbal/nonverbal communication, social interaction skills, adjusting to environmental changes/changes in routines, transitions between activities,  behavioral challenges and challenges with the general curriculum (including social and emotional development). These students often may have unusual responses to sensory experiences and engage in repetitive activities/stereotyped movements. This program focuses on strengthening functional communication, social interaction, flexibility to changes, and using sensory strategies to self-regulate. Students may still participate in the general education setting for parts of the day when appropriate, as determined by the IEP team.
Link Program Features: Students are supported by program staff who participate in ongoing professional development in positive behavior principles, methods of structured teaching, functional communication, sensory needs/supports, and crisis prevention/intervention.  Students have access to a highly structured environment with increased visual supports, consistent schedules and routines, and support to transition through daily activities. Services are provided using a team approach. 

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