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Citizens of the World Charter School


Our purpose at Citizens of the World Charter Schools (CWC) is to realize human potential by  strengthening the bonds among us and developing true citizens of the world. In this work, we are  guided by our core values of Excellence, Authenticity, Diversity, Community and Change, and our  operating norms that reflect a commitment to personal and professional growth, including  operating as learners, with curiosity, integrity and humility.  

The mission of Citizens of the World Charter Schools is to impact and expand the conversation about  what an excellent education contains, requires and accomplishes. Citizens of the World schools  challenge students to realize their full potential and thrive in a diverse society. We are public schools  open to all, committed to serving diverse communities throughout the U.S. with schools currently in  Los Angeles and Kansas City. We develop sophisticated thinkers who master content and have a  courageous and compassionate sense of responsibility for themselves and others. Our schools are in  strong demand. Our classrooms are challenging – and joyful – learning environments that engage  children through fun projects tailored to their personal experiences, strengths and needs. Our  teachers take the time to get to know each child as an individual. We empower children to think  critically and learn to engage respectfully and productively with fellow students by developing their  capacity to enter into and understand the lives of others. Our goal is for student “success” to  include mastery of both content and emotions, so that students can meaningfully connect with  each other, be part of any community, and courageously decide who they are in the world and  how they want the world to be.  

The Director of Operations is a key member of the regional leadership team and has a significant  impact on the direction of the organization. By working with the Executive Director, the Board of  Directors, and the Citizens of the World Charter Schools national network, the Director of Operations  will play a critical role in guiding the strategic direction of the CWC Cincinnati region. As the CWC  Cincinnati region grows, the scope and responsibility of the Director of Operations is also expected  to increase. 

This is a full-time position on the CWC Cincinnati team and is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

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The Director of Operations is responsible for all non-academic operations at the school(s), including  the school’s business operations, finances, and compliance with its charter and all laws and  regulations. 

Budget and Finance: Works closely with CWC Cincinnati’s contract financial services  provider/treasurer and the Executive Director to manage the daily financial and business activities – both expenses and revenues. Coordinates with the Principal to ensure that the budget is adhered to  and all reports are submitted accurately and on time. Manages (and/or delegates) the  procurement of goods and services in accordance with governing law and CWC Cincinnati’s fiscal  policies; negotiates and oversees contracts with major vendors. Manages and coordinates school level information for audits. Oversees database of donors and gifts. 

Enrollment: Works with the Executive Director on the annual student recruitment strategy. Manages  the student enrollment process, including the annual lottery, offers of admission, and wait-list. Enrolls  new students in compliance with applicable laws; oversees and supports the School Office  Manager in collecting, verifying, and maintaining all student registration materials. Ensures timely  and proper enrollment and attendance reporting to all appropriate agencies. 

Human Resources: Works with the Executive Director and the Principal on the annual staff  recruitment strategy. Acts as the primary communicator with all candidates in the talent pipeline  and facilitates the scheduling of interviews and observations; participates in recruiting events and  interviews as needed. Oversees and administers personnel matters, including (through CWC Cincinnati’s contract financial  services provider/treasurer) payroll, benefits, and COBRA. Properly implements all school policies  and procedures relating to HR. Provides appropriate information and assistance to school staff  regarding personnel matters and benefits. Provides effective support and advice to the school  administrative team on personnel and HR issues. Ensures that all staff hold credentials as required by  law and pass background checks. Prepares and maintains legal personnel-related documentation  (including offers of employment, disciplinary procedures, and terminations of employment).  Maintains up-to-date personnel files. 

School Operations: Supervises the on-site custodian(s) to ensure a safe, clean learning environment.  Coordinates and supports any community/parent volunteers relating to the maintenance and  upkeep of the building. Supports the ACE Director with the after-school snack program: ensures  adequate and compliant snacks are provided and accurate records are kept and reported per  state regulations. Supports the Regional Office Manager in the oversight of the National School Lunch Program  (including breakfast) and student transportation, per CWC Cincinnati’s program policies. Ensures  that the school’s building and technology systems function; coordinate service as needed. Supports  the Regional Office Manager in maintaining the region’s equipment, technology, and materials  inventory list. 

School Administration/Data Compliance: Works with the Regional Office Manager and School  Office Manager to manage CWC Cincinnati’s student information system and EMIS data reporting. Serves as the communication liaison to: 

• The Board of Directors, including taking minutes at Board meetings, ensuring  distribution of public documents (through the website and EpiCenter), and Board  compliance with the Ohio Ethics Commission.

• The charter school sponsor and Ohio Department of Education 

• The parent community, in the event of an emergency or school closure. 

Strategic Planning: Works with the Executive Director on long-range strategic growth, including  budget, talent, and facility planning. 

Staff and Reporting Relationship 

The Director of Operations shall formally report to the Executive Director. S/he will work closely with  the Principal, the faculty, community partners and other stakeholders, including the school’s Board  of Directors and CWC Schools. 


Ideal candidates will have experience with Ohio charter school data reporting requirements (EMIS  and other systems). Candidates will also have: 

• Have a Bachelor’s degree, MBA or equivalent experience preferred 

• Have experience working in a fast-paced educational environment, nonprofit or  social enterprise for a minimum of two years 

• Communicate proficiently in Spanish (written and oral) 

• Demonstrate skills with Microsoft Office Suite, including expertise in Excel. • Possess strong leadership and team management skills 

• Possess strong interpersonal and communication skills 

• Be organized and self-managed, be able to handle many responsibilities  simultaneously 

• Have excellent problem-solving skills 

• Be committed to building a community of collaboration with a diverse group of  stakeholders 

• Be dependable and have excellent follow-through 

• Be aligned with the education philosophy and the school’s mission. 

Compensation & benefits 

CWC Cincinnati offers competitive salaries commensurate with experience and a comprehensive  benefits package. CWC Cincinnati is an Equal Opportunity Employer. As an organization that values  diversity and aims to serve a diverse group of students, we work to reflect this diversity in our staff as  well. 


Please email a cover letter and resume to with the email subject line  title: “CWC Cincinnati Director of Operations Application”. 


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