School Health Associate-Wilmington, OH


TITLE:                                      School Health Associate 

Location:  Laurel Oaks  Wilmington, OH

QUALIFICATIONS:                   Licensed Practical Nurse Licensure or Registered Nurse Licensure in good standing with the Ohio Board of Nursing. 

Must be able to travel to various locations on a daily basis. 

Maintain current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification. 


REPORTS TO:                          Intervention and Support Services Supervisor 


JOB SUMMARY:                      To provide basic school health services that support the educational mission and goals of the school/district, promote good health practices of the school community, and meet local and state mandates at the direction of the School Health Leader. 




1.      Provide care for the acute and chronic health issues of students/staff, which may include: assessment, goal development, delivering appropriate interventions and evaluating outcomes of interventions, in accordance with the Ohio Nurse Practice Act (ORC 4723), current emergency and nursing standards of care and HCESC nursing protocols.      

2.      Inspect children and/or staff for common communicable and nuisance diseases.  Recommend exclusion and readmission practices to the Building Principal in accordance with district policy and procedure and Health Department guidelines.   

3.      Monitor immunization and Tuberculosis testing compliance of students and staff according to the Ohio Department of Health and other county guidelines.    

4.      Demonstrate medical knowledge and skill in nursing techniques and performs skilled nursing procedures in a safe, competent, and efficient manner according to the Ohio Nurse Practice Act.  

5.      Maintain the school health clinic and supplies under the direction of School Health Leader. 

6.      Maintain up to date student health records and related documentation of nursing care provided and activities conducted in the school.   

7.      Conduct health screenings at the direction of the supervisor or Health Services Leader.   

8.      Identify students who may benefit from referrals to health, community and social service agencies and collaborate with the School Health Leader to determine appropriate resources.   

9.      Participate in health and emergency planning for individual students with medical needs and for the larger school community at the direction of the Supervisor or School Health Leader. 

10.  Participate in the initial evaluation process and subsequent reviews for students being assessed for special education placement including but not limited to: providing current vision and hearing screening results, health history information and collecting assessment data at the direction of the School Health Leader. 

11.  Participate in or advises building and/or district regarding health/safety materials, curricula, and wellness promotion activities for the school community. 

12.  Follow all applicable laws governing nursing practice in the State of Ohio and standards of professional and ethical nursing practice and guidelines as defined by professional organizations including but not limited to the American Nurses Association, Ohio Board of Nursing, and HCESC policies and procedures. 

13.  Acquire and maintain current knowledge and competency in nursing practice related to school health issues. 

14.  Understand and use technology, as available, to maximize efficiency and support professional responsibilities. 

15.  Displays professional behavior in regard to appearance, demeanor, punctuality, and attendance.     

16.  Communicate with students, staff, parents, colleagues, and administrators to meet the health needs of students in the school environment.   

17.  Perform other duties as assigned. 





Shall be appointed to a limited contract with the number of workdays established by the employment contract. Salary to be established by the Board.   




Performance will be evaluated in accordance with Board policy. 

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