ANTICIPATED-Gifted Coordinator 23-24 School Year (Assigned to Felicity-Franklin Schools)

Clermont County Educational Service Center

The Clermont County ESC is looking for qualified applicants to serve as a Gifted Coordinator assigned to the Felicity Franklin School District. The coordinator will assist in the identification of students who are gifted; assist in the placement of students who are gifted in appropriate educational services and settings; assist school personnel in the design of gifted education services; consult with school personnel regarding gifted education issues in district strategic planning processes and the development of school improvement plans; assist school personnel in the on-going evaluation of the effectiveness of gifted education services, including input from parents of students who are gifted; consult with school personnel about ways to develop and adapt curriculum, materials, and teaching strategies; and assist school personnel in ensuring that documents required in this rule regarding gifted identification procedures and written criteria for placement in gifted services are accurate and accessible to parents and other stakeholders.

Minimum¬†qualifications¬†include: at least three years successful teaching experience; an Ohio administrative specialist license, if the coordinator is to supervise teachers; licensure or endorsement in gifted education; and participate in ongoing professional development related to gifted education as documented on the “Individual Professional Development Plan” (IPDP) or other methods as determined by the department.

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