Anticipated 2023-24 Full time / Part time Occupational Therapist

Clermont County Educational Service Center

JOB TITLE:                          Occupational Therapist


FLSA STATUS:                   Exempt


EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Full-time, Part-time



REPORTS TO:                    Supervisor of Special Education


POSITION DESCRIPTION:  Under general direction, the Occupational Therapist (OT) works to evaluate, identify, prescribe, and treat a variety of sensory and fine motor functions that are determined to adversely affect or have the potential to adversely affect a student’s educational performance. The OT develops and delivers specially designed therapeutic interventions to supplement a student’s basic education program and assists them in accessing the curriculum and educational environment. The OT assesses student progress against instructional objectives; follows State mandated due process procedures; provides clinical supervision to the Occupational Therapy Assistant as needed; and provides counseling and consultation to parents, students and teachers regarding sensory and/or motor functioning.  The OT assists the educational team in providing and maintaining a safe and nurturing learning environment for all students, and maintains high level of confidentiality of students, parents and staff.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  To be qualified for this position, applicants must be 18 years of age or older and possess:

·         Master’s degree or higher;

·         Occupational Therapy license by the Ohio Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Athletic Trainers Board;

·         Ohio Department of Education Pupil Services/Occupational Therapist License;

·         Hold the Occupational Therapist Registered (OTR) credential through the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapist (NBCOT) preferred;

·         State and Federal Background checks free of infractions as required by Ohio law and Board Policy;

·         Ability to provide appropriate references;

·         Ability to obtain and maintain certification in crisis prevention intervention and de-escalation techniques;

·         Ability to maintain a high degree of confidentiality;

·         Willingness and ability to work as a team member and with the public;

·         Ability to exercise independent judgment;

·         Computer expertise appropriate to the position;

·         Effective and demonstrated problem solving, critical thinking, analytical, oral and written communication, and organizational skills;

·         Valid driver’s license and/or provide own transportation;

·         History of strong work record, including good job attendance; and

·         Documented evidence of participation in mandatory annual trainings (i.e. SafeSchools).



The information contained in this job description is for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and is not an exhaustive list of the duties performed for this position.  An individual employed by the Clermont County Educational Service Center in this job is expected to perform the following essential functions and duties, however, this list is not exhaustive, and the employee is required to perform any other duties assigned. 



·         Through screening and teacher referral process, identify those students having sensory and/or motor concerns;

·         Evaluate and treat sensory and/or motor issues as related to educational, social, developmental and psychological factors;

·         Administer multi-factored evaluations to each student who is being considered for the occupational therapy program and provides occupational therapy assessment for the portion of the multi-factored assessment for students being considered for placement in other special education programs;

·         Utilize diagnostic evaluation results to assist in the development of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for the remediation of sensory-motor problems;

·         Elicit input from parents, counselors and others involved in student program development;

·         Select students for habilitative services and provides appropriate therapy for students with sensory-motor deficits that will:

o   Improve, develop or restore functions impaired or lost through illness, injury or deprivation;

o   Improve ability to perform tasks for independent functioning when function is lost or impaired; or

o   Prevent, through early intervention, initial or further impairment or loss of function.

·         Design, implement and maintain an occupational therapy program which complies with state and federal mandates;

·         Provide ongoing evaluation of the student’s performance in order to ascertain if therapy goals have been met or if modification of goals is needed;

·         Assist students in the transfer of newly acquired skills to the classroom and the home by working with students, their teachers and parents;

·         Assist in the provision of specialized and adaptive activities in pre-vocational and vocational programs;

·         Research and recommend adaptive and sensory-motor equipment and devices when necessary and instruct and assist students in use of said equipment;

·         Provide appropriate in-service training programs for parents, teachers, administrators and/or other interested members of the community;

·         Maintain records as required by law, school policy and administrative regulations;

·         Communicate student progress to parent/guardian and other school personnel in compliance with Federal, State and legal program policies and procedures;

·         Participate in the development of programs and research;

·         Work cooperatively with teachers to schedule time for related service evaluation and implementation;

·         Develop schedules and lesson plans for the delivery of occupational therapy services;

·         Provide consultation to educational team members and parents in OT’s areas of expertise in order to increase awareness and understanding of student’s remediation program progress across school settings;

·         Attend staff, IEP, behavior management, team evaluation, curriculum and other staff development meetings as necessary;

·         Supervises assistants, volunteers and students in training;

·         Maintain open communication with the school district staff (administration) regarding the status of the occupational therapy program (parent conferences, caseload, schedules, etc.);

·         Maintain regular parent communication;

·         Complete required paperwork in a timely fashion;

·         Attend in-service programs or workshops related to maintenance of position;

·         Engage in crisis prevention intervention and de-escalation strategies as necessary;

·         Operate office machines, technology and equipment appropriate to the position;

Maintain high standards of ethics, honesty and integrity in all matters;
Comply with all Board Policies and Administrative Guidelines;
Arrive on time to work each regular work day;
Be in attendance every regular work day, excluding long-term illnesses, medical leaves, and other unique circumstances;
Maintain strict confidentiality regarding all district, personnel and student information as required by federal, state and local policy;
Be able to be adaptable and flexible with changes, updates, processes, and procedures; and
Perform other tasks, consistent with the position, as may be assigned by Superintendent and/or designee.


Serve as a role model for students in how to conduct themselves as citizens and as responsible, contributing members of society.
Help instill in students the belief in and practice of ethical principles and democratic values.
Respond to routine questions and requests in an appropriate manner.


Knowledge of: Therapeutic interventions for students with sensory and/or motor deficits, adaptive and sensory-motor equipment; child development, public education, content standards, board policies and procedures, building policies and procedures, staff handbook, Licensure Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio Educators, appropriate school law, and requirements of the Ohio Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainers Board and the Ohio Department of Education.


Ability to: Interpret policies, procedures and regulations; follow instructions; communicate effectively; provide consultation; collect and analyze data; plan; schedule; organize; operate office equipment and other related technologies; move/lift moderate amounts of weight up to 50 pounds, and maintain equipment.


Skill in: Consultation, assessment; effective communication; use of computer and appropriate software applications (Microsoft Office or equivalent), printer, and other customary equipment.



Computer and/or tablet, printer, scanner, filing cabinets, telephone, copier, fax machine, laminator, shredder, calculator, smart board, some hands tools, some appliances (i.e. washer, dryer, microwave, etc.), mobility equipment (i.e. wheelchairs, Hoyer lifts, etc.), adaptive equipment and devices, sensory regulation devices, and other related equipment.



Occasional: Climbing and moving/lifting amounts of weight up to 50 lbs.


Frequent: Standing, sitting, walking, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching/squatting, bending, twisting/turning, reaching above shoulders, and typing/keyboarding


Continuous: Reading, writing, math, problem solving, concentration, attention to task, task completion, memory, hearing, seeing, regulating emotions, organizing/planning and following directions.




Occasional: Exposure to moving parts, inclement weather driving conditions, repetitive hand motions, offensive odors, blood borne pathogens, contagious diseases, bodily fluids and tissue, and aberrant and dysfunctional behaviors which could be potentially harmful.


Frequent: Exposure to loud noise and students with challenging behavior.


Employees are required to follow all district safety rules and procedures, and participate in school safety training when requested.


The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. 


The employee shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substance in the workplace throughout his/her employment in the Center.


Staff shall be evaluated in accordance with Board Policy.

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