General Studies Elementary School Teacher

Cincinnati Hebrew Day School

Cincinnati Hebrew Day School is seeking General Studies Teachers as described below.

About us:

The Community

The Cincinnati Hebrew Day School community is a vibrant, growth-oriented community centered in traditional values. Most of our families live within a mile of the school; this creates a close knit community with an old-fashioned feel. We value a sheltered environment where traditional values are taught, along with modern-day skills needed for life in the 21st century. 

Each of our families is heavily invested in CHDS, both from a financial as well as an emotional standpoint. In the Cincinnati Hebrew Day School community, learning never stops. Regular study is a part of the everyday life of all of our families.

The School

The Cincinnati Hebrew Day School is an Orthodox Jewish day school. Students complete the course of study found in most schools, in an environment where traditions and teachings are upheld that date back thousands of years. In addition to the standard General Studies subjects, Students study traditional biblical and Talmudic texts in the original Hebrew and Aramaic. This multilingual and dual-curriculum approach builds students into well-rounded, analytical thinkers with a special combination of skills and values that will serve them well as adults. 

Our General Studies Teachers

Successful General Studies teachers at CHDS are people who are open to learning about a new and different culture than their own, while providing quality instruction to our students. General Studies teachers at CHDS maintain their separate identities – no one is expected to become Jewish or observe Jewish practices – while at the same time becoming a familiar part of our school community. 

Position Requirements:

Be mission-focused to empower each student to reach their full potential
Maintain a mindset of professional growth and a readiness to accept ongoing constructive feedback
Be willing to share your unique talents and strengths with students as well as other staff members
Maintain a safe and orderly classroom environment which is positive and empowering
Develop and maintain strong relationships with students, staff, and families
Be knowledgeable in and effectively teach all content areas relevant to the position
Provide differentiated instruction using state curriculum 
Participate in school wide initiatives such as Responsibility-Centered Discipline
Be fluent with or willing to learn technology based methods for instruction and communication
Maintain ongoing data on student academic performance
Collaborate with other staff members where appropriate 
Perform other duties such as student supervision during lunch and recess
BA and Ohio teacher certification required, 2 years minimum experience preferred
Available Positions:

First Grade General Studies
Fifth Grade General Studies
Middle School Math

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