2nd Grade Teacher – Part Time

Cincinnati Hebrew Day School

The Cincinnati Hebrew Day School (CHDS) is an Orthodox Jewish day school.  Students complete the course of study found in most schools, in an environment where traditions and teachings are upheld that date back thousands of years. In addition to the standard General Studies subjects, Students study traditional biblical and Talmudic texts in the original Hebrew and Aramaic. This multilingual and dual-curriculum approach builds students into well-rounded, analytical thinkers with a special combination of skills and values that will serve them well as adults. 


CHDS is looking for a warm and caring person to teach our 2nd Grade General Studies class. We offer a competitive salary, health benefits, 401K, vacation, sick days as well as paid time off days.


The CHDS community is a vibrant, growth-oriented community centered in traditional values. Most of our families live within a mile of the school; this creates a close knit community with an old-fashioned feel. We value a sheltered environment where traditional values are taught, along with modern-day skills needed for life in the 21st century. 


Each of our families is heavily invested in CHDS, both from a financial as well as an emotional standpoint. In the CHDS community, learning never stops. Regular study is a part of the everyday life of all of our families.



General Studies teachers are responsible for providing instruction in the following subject areas, as per the curriculum:  Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. General Studies teachers will submit lesson plans, take part in weekly faculty meetings, and establish and pursue professional goals.



Prepare and share daily lesson plans based on existing curriculum; Collaborate, create, and revise Curriculum; closely monitor and record student progress; correspond regularly with students and parents about student progress, establish and pursue professional goals, attend professional development and staff meetings, as well as other supervisory duties.


To apply for this job please visit jobapply.page.link.