Intervention Specialist

Thomas A Wildey - Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities

The Intervention Specialist will review and assess present levels of performance for each student on his/her caseload to deliver research-based specially designed instruction to meet individual needs. This position is specific to teaching students impacted by Autism or Low Incidence Disabilities in a structured teaching classroom. The caseload for this position is 6 students impacted with multiple disabilities. The age range does not exceed 60 months in one classroom. Other duties include, but are not limited to, instructs students in all areas of development including: communication, fine motor, gross motor, adaptive skills, and vocational skills; provides 1:1 as well as group instruction; assists students in basic living skills (e.g., personal hygiene, toileting, feeding, socialization, dressing, swimming, etc.) as necessary during school day; prepares teaching materials and visual supports to assist in student learning; assesses students using appropriate assessment techniques in various program areas, gathers information from parents, professionals and student records, writes Evaluation Team Reports (ETR), Individual Education Programs (IEP), completes progress monitoring and reports student progress; prepares and records daily lesson plans to address student needs; submits requests for materials as needed for instruction; records data on daily activities, behavior programs for evaluation of students and revision of programs; records attendance, seizure activities, toileting activities and behavior data. Works cooperatively with other staff, parents, caseworkers, family members, medical personnel, etc. to achieve student goals and programming as identified by IEPs; facilitates communication with students through sign language, picture communication, and a total communication approach. Gives direction and models best practices to instructor assistants; works to resolve student behavior concerns. Promotes and implements the mandates and goals of the Clermont County Board of DD in a professional, positive, and efficient manner.  Maintains a regular, punctual, and consistent work schedule.  Assists support staff with all transfers, lifts, positioning of students in a safe manner, according to in-service training and student plans, using proper lifting techniques.  Administers oral and topical medication(s) to students, after receiving appropriate training, and when delegated by a Registered Nurse employed by the Board. Represents CCDD as assigned.  Develops and demonstrates knowledge of current developments in the field to provide the most beneficial client care (e.g., participates in employer-provided training, etc.).  If required to transport consumers in an agency vehicle, required to have valid CPR/First Aid and meet requirements of Board’s Transportation policy; performs other related duties as required or assigned. 

Intervention Specialist Certification/License issued by Ohio Department of Education.  Prefer Moderate/Intensive Certification, and experience working with individuals with Autism. Must be physically able to lift, carry, and position children in a safe manner.  Successfully pass pre-employment BCII check, Abuser Registry check, and Nursing Registry check.

The Clermont County Board of DD is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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