North College Hill City Schools                                                                           Vacancy Announcement

Position: Treasurer/CFO
Reports To:  Board of Education
The North College Hill City Schools’ Board of Education is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Treasurer/CFO. The North College Hill Board of Education is looking for an energetic treasurer who will maintain a high standard of ethics, honesty, and integrity in all personal and professional matters.
Desired strengths/expectations of the new Treasurer will include:  
·         A comprehensive understanding of Ohio school law, finance, and government accounting and reporting;
·         Demonstrated knowledge of state and local funding issues and regulations pertaining to public schools;
·         Demonstrated leadership skills;
·         Keen business management skills in the areas of short and long-range planning, fiscal forecasting, investing,  personnel management, collective bargaining, and insurance              management;  
·         Experience with and understanding of operating software and procedures;
·         Ability to work cooperatively with the Board, superintendent, and staff;
·         Strong multi-tasking skills, with the ability to organize and synthesize information;    
·         Excellent communication skills with the ability to present the district’s finances in a transparent  manner;
·         Experience in effective process management and organizational skills.
The successful candidate will be offered a multi-year contract. The salary will be regionally competitive and commensurate with experience and qualifications. A comprehensive benefits package is included.

Please fill out a complete application to include a resume, three references, and a copy of your valid treasurers license.  You may also mail, email, or deliver your materials to Mr. Eugene Blalock, Jr. Superintendent, North College Hill City Schools, 1731 Goodman Avenue, Cincinnati Ohio 45239.  513-931-8181.


To apply for this job please visit