Springboro Schools

SUMMARY:  Coordinates and performs repair and maintenance of District equipment including but not limited to school buses, motor vehicles and grounds equipment while providing direction to assistant mechanics.
                1.            Conducts routine checks and performs minor adjustments to buses/vans on a daily basis, as needed.
                2.            Establishes a schedule for periodic service, as needed, for all buses.
                3.            Performs preventative maintenance where minor problems are found and corrected.
                4.            Performs repairs on buses (e.g., tunes engines, adjusts clutches and brakes, repairs or rebuilds work parts or components (e.g., water pumps, alternators, carburetors, etc.); reconditions buses during summer.
                5.            Answers all bus emergency calls.
                6.            Maintains related records (e.g., gas consumption; maintenance, inventory, etc.) as directed and/or required by law.
                 7.           Orders necessary parts and supplies; assist in purchasing bus operation and maintenance materials, supplies, equipment and fuel.
                 8.           Cleans and maintains bus garage.
                 9.           Assist in scheduling vehicle service performed by mechanic assistants and casual employees.
                10.          Maintains valid Commercial Driver’s License of the appropriate class with required bus driver endorsement.
                11.          Maintains an accurate inventory of all bus and maintenance vehicle parts.
                12.          Maintains all equipment and facilities at levels of safety that insure the protection of staff and students, and promote favorable insurance rates.
                13.          Prepares, in conjunction with the Transportation Supervisor, budget recommendations and cost estimates for pupil transportation and maintenance vehicles.
                14.          Responds in a timely and considerate manner to complaints and suggestions pertaining to bus maintenance services.
                15.          Prepares and conducts follow-up work required for the annual State School Bus Inspection program by the Ohio Highway Patrol.
                16.          Keep informed of school transportation rules, regulations and changes as issued from various department of the State of Ohio.
                17.          Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.
QUALIFICATIONS:        Training or experience in truck/bus mechanics including diesel engines and other automotive equipment
        Valid Class B Commercial Driver’s license with Bus Driver endorsement, or ability to obtain one.
        High school diploma or equivalent.
        Must pass criminal background check.
Terms of Employment:  One-year probationary contract.
Hours of Work:  8 hours per day/260 day contract
Salary and Benefit:  Starting salary $23.74 per hour.  Benefits – according to the negotiated agreement.