Director of Operations/Business Manager

Springboro Schools

 Director of Operations/Business Manager
Summary:   Under administrative direction, provides leadership in school district operations related to maintenance, athletics, facilities, pupil transportation, food services and classified staff development in a cost effective, safe and efficient manner within the limits of available resources.
Essential Functions:Pupil TransportationEstablishes procedures to maintain safe mechanical conditions of all vehicles and transportation equipment.
Assists the transportation supervisor in an on-going school bus rider safety program according to state standards, with special emphasis on grades K-6.
Prepares, keeps, and files in a timely manner all necessary records and reports for school bus and other vehicle maintenance for the Ohio Department of Education.
Responds in a timely and considerate manner to complaints and suggestions pertaining to the pupil transportation program.
Evaluates and recommends to the superintendent the advisability of school operations during inclement weather.
Assists building principals with the development and implementation of discipline procedures for students who ride the school bus.
Coordinates the transportation of non-public school students and students placed in special education classes as necessary and as required by law.
Coordinates, in cooperation with the Treasurer’s office, all required payments in lieu of transportation.
Solicits quotes annually for district fleet insurance.
B.            Buildings and GroundsPrepares and maintains a facilities safety program.
Establishes in cooperation with district maintenance, custodial, and building administrative staff a district-wide preventive maintenance program.
Assists in the planning and construction of new facilities and renovation of existing facilities.
Prepares and annually updates for the Superintendent and Board a plan of management goals and objectives for district-wide capital improvements.
Establishes, implements, and monitors an energy management/conservation program in all schools.
Evaluates according to district guidelines and the negotiated agreement all maintenance staff members.
Assists building principals with the evaluation of custodians.
Prepares, implements, and manages a state certified asbestos abatement program for all school district facilities and equipment.
Supervises preparation of and filing on a timely basis all necessary records for asbestos management, EPA hazardous materials management, and energy use management.
Monitors and maintains appropriate records for federal and state agency review.
Conducts in cooperation with building administrative and custodial staff members a periodic custodial and maintenance inspection of each building, noting in written form tasks which need to be completed.
Plans in cooperation with building principals summer work to be completed by custodians and district maintenance staff.
Regularly checks the condition of district facilities during extreme weather conditions.
Coordinates the district’s blood borne pathogens and HB 308 OSHA requirements.
Solicits quotes and coordinates district property insurance program.
C.            Food ServiceServes as district liaison and supervisor of any contracted food service programs operating in the district.
Evaluates according to district guidelines and the negotiated agreement any locally employed food service supervisor.
Assists building principals and the food service director in the evaluation of all district food service employees.
Regularly assesses the quality of food and service in the district’s cafeteria operations, recommending as appropriate to the Superintendent any necessary changes in food service operations.
Assists in the development of preventive maintenance and repair programs for district food service equipment.
Responds in a timely and considerate manner to complaints and suggestions pertaining to the food service program.
D.            Purchasing/Budgeting/PlanningSubmits to the Superintendent and treasurer budget and program recommendations for buildings and grounds, transportation, and food service operations.
Prepares annual management goals and objectives for buildings and grounds, transportation, and food service operations.
Prepares specifications and evaluates bids for contract work, capital improvements, school buses, other vehicles, telephone systems, copy machines, and other equipment required to be bid by Ohio law.
Establishes a centralized purchasing program in an effort to purchase more efficiently such items as district paper products, custodial and maintenance supplies, contracts for maintenance and repair services, food and lunchroom supplies, school building equipment, and other similar goods and services.
Assists in the establishment and maintenance of an inventory program for district equipment and supplies.
E.            Approves and forwards to the Treasurer’s office all leave requests, records of overtime, weekly time-sheets and other necessary records for all transportation employees and other employees directly supervised.
F.            Coordinates district’s daycare (Prime-Time) program.
G.            Oversees use of facilities policy and outside groups.
H.            Assists with negotiations and contract management both at the bargaining table and in day-to-day implementation of classified agreements.
I.             Establishes appropriate advisory committees pertaining to classified operations.
J.             Meets with the Superintendent at SCEA liaison committee meetings.
K.            Establishes and maintains a communications program with classified employees so they are adequately informed of district activities, policies, and procedures.
L.             Attends Board of Education meetings and other such meetings to effectively implement the responsibilities associated with the position.
M.          Responsible for implementing and maintaining school security plan.
Qualifications:Master’s Degree preferred.
Valid Ohio Administrative License or Business Manger License strongly preferred.
Three (3) years administrative experience in pupil transportation, buildings and grounds, food service, purchasing, budgeting and planning preferred.
Must possess valid Ohio driver’s license.
Must pass criminal background check.
Conditions of Employment: Effective Date:  ASAP
Two hundred thirty (230) day annual contract.
Salary and fringe benefits according to Administrator Handbook.