Intervention Specialist k-8

Summit Academy Cincinnati Community School

REPORTS TO: School Director



To provide specially designed instruction to the students assigned on his/her caseload, which is appropriate for the assigned students, that meets their ability and appropriate for the subject and growth, and personal characteristics. This individual will work collaboratively with teachers and service providers to develop objective, measurable goals and determine appropriate accommodations for student individualized education programs.



Bachelor Degree and licensure in Special Education (Intervention Specialist)
Valid Ohio teaching certificate or license.
Meet Federal Highly Qualified Teacher standards as determined by ESA.
Appropriate criminal record as determined by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Demonstrate evidence of strong organizational and communication skills
Ability to generate, record, and maintain information and statistical data
Ability to administer, score, and interpret a test of individual achievement
Knowledge of the Ohio Department of Education model curriculum and Ohio’s New Learning Standards
Must be able to maintain confidentiality of student records and school business


A teacher shall demonstrate knowledge, skills and/or abilities in the following broad areas: special education, instruction, classroom management, professional attitudes and growth, and personal characteristics.


Special Education

In the area of special education, a teacher shall:

Demonstrate knowledge of Special Education policies and regulations
Provide specially designed instruction to students assigned on his/her caseload in accordance with the students’ individualized education programs
Work collaboratively with staff and service providers for students on their caseload to develop individualized, objective, and measurable goals and objectives for students’ individualized education programs
Work collaboratively with teachers to determine appropriate accommodations and interventions for students for their individualized education program
Work collaboratively with teachers and service providers to complete IEP Progress Reports for those students on his/her caseload
Attend IEP and IAT meeting as requested
Instructional Skills/Abilities

In the area of instructional skills and ability, a teacher shall:

Demonstrate evidence of effective planning
Demonstrate skill in a variety of methods and techniques to meet student needs
Create an inviting classroom environment
Encourage proper care and usage of equipment, furnishings and materials
Be receptive to new ideas
Be enthusiastic
Demonstrate correct use of the written and spoken word
Teach social thinking and social skills to students
Evaluate and report student progress on the approved reporting tool and as scheduled
Follow Summit Academy’s Instructional Design
Classroom Management

In the area of classroom management, a teacher shall:

Establish and maintain positive rapport with people
Establish and maintain a classroom routine
Establish teacher expectation of students
Uphold school rules
Implement PBIS Behavior System

Professional Attitude and Relationships

In the areas of professional relationships, a teacher shall:

Have the ability to interact in a professional manner with Summit Academy staff
Have the ability to effectively work with colleagues in a professional manner
Demonstrate evidence of a positive attitude towards:Colleagues, students, parents/guardians, special service personnel, support staff, administrators, and visitors/public
Professional Growth

In the area of professional relationships, a teacher shall show evidence of a positive attitude towards:

Show evidence of participation in professional improvement activities
Participate on school and/or district-wide curriculum committees
Plan, implement, and complete an IPDP as prescribed by the LPDC
Participate in OTES
Personal Characteristics

In the area of personal characteristics, a teacher shall:

Maintain professional behavior
Dress professionally

All other responsibilities as set forth by School Director and CEO.




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