School Counselor 

Hamilton County Educational Service Center

Position Announcement
2021-2022 –  School Counselor 
The Hamilton County Educational Service Center anticipates an opening for full-time school counselor for the 2021-2022 school year.  The position will involve provision of a comprehensive guidance and counseling program including career education, academic advising, college counseling, and personal counseling. 
Ohio Department of Education Certification/Licensure as a School Counselor covering high school grades, and at least three years full time experience as a School Counselor.
1.            Plan, develop, and provide guidance and counseling services which meet specific needs and expectations of students, parents, and administration.
2.            Evaluate services through input from a variety of sources which could include parents, students, faculty and administration.
3.            Organize materials and time; establishes priorities and action steps related to assigned responsibilities. 
4.            Provide timely follow through on commitments to students, parents and faculty; provide immediate and consistent follow-up on individual cases.
5.            Maintain current files of community resources; make outside referrals only when school resources have been exhausted and provide follow-up.
6.            Engage in positive, professional behaviors which are child-centered and free of rumor, or gossip about students, families, staff, or administration.
7.            Collaborate about students and make referrals to other school staff as needed; monitor progress after referral.
8.            Enlist parental and teacher involvement and cooperation as reflected in conference records and action plans, and phone log.
9.            Establish and maintain rapport with students, faculty, parents, and administration; engage in problem solving behavior when conflicts arise.
10.          Provide an open, non-judgmental, counseling climate where students willingly participate and keep appointments.
11.          Accurately identify the problem in counseling sessions; assist students in formulating a specific and practical plan of action.
12.          Conduct groups where content is planned and organized according to student ability and interest; engage all students while maintaining order and discipline.
13.          Maintain written counseling records which may include intake information goals, review plans, follow-up activities, appointment timelines and case notes.
14.          Organizes or performs student assessment when appropriate; follows guidelines for administration, scoring and interpretation.
15.          Interpret group and individual test results clearly and accurately to students, teachers, and parents.
16.          Demonstrates ability to use technology associated with duties; accesses current internet or software based resources related to role responsibilities and student needs.
17.          Communicate with HCESC, the school district, school staff and community agencies regarding common problems, and legal or ethical issues.
18.          Protect the confidentiality of students, faculty and families.
19.          Participate in professional growth and development through course work and/or seminars, professional reading, and membership in professional organizations.
20.          Consistent with legal and contract stipulations, perform all responsibilities defined for caseload by the school administration and/or guidance and counseling department.
21.          Accepts criticism, advice and recognition; implements activities in response to recommendations of supervisor or to meet job targets.
22.          Cognizant of and adheres to State/Federal regulations and HCESC policies and procedures.
23.          Follow the faculty dress codes for assigned schools.
24.          Follow standards of professional and ethical conduct as defined by professional organizations such as AACD.
 25.        Regular in attendance; punctual for meetings, appointments, work and deadlines.
Salary commensurate with education and experience.  Benefits and retirement in keeping with employer’s policy.
The Hamilton County Educational Service Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer and endeavors to provide the highest quality service through employing professionals selected for their competence and expertise.  No one will be discriminated against on the basis of color, age, origin, race, gender, religion, marital status, military service or disability.
Submit Resume with Letter of Interest to:
Hamilton County Educational Service Center
Attention:  Amy Fugate
11083 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231

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