Mental Wellness Specialist – COVID Impace

Hamilton County Educational Service Center


TITLE:                                                Mental Wellness Specialist – COVID Impact


·         Bachelor’s Degree or higher

·         Ohio Certification/Licensure in School Psychology, Counseling or Social Work

·         Experience working with counseling groups preferred

·         Exceptional communication skills


REPORTS TO:                      Program Director or designee


JOB SUMMARY:                 To provide emergency services and assistance to students and teachers in non-public schools through the Emergency Assistance to Non-public Schools Program [EANS] to address the impact that the Coronavirus Disease 2019 [COVID-19] has had, and continues to have, on non-public school students and teacher and to address learning loss


This is a position being funded by federally provided COVID Relief monies.


1.       Initiates and maintains educational support services to address learning loss;

2.       Develops, maintains and implements student assessments;

3.       Independently manages a flexible schedule based on caseload;

4.       Participates in wellness team meetings and provides data-driven feedback;

5.       Implements social skills curriculum based on student-specific need(s);

6.       Provides in-service training programs for teachers and other staff on mindfulness strategies, data collection, and the implementation of specific instructional and behavioral strategies in the student’s natural environment;

7.       Provides caregiver support when connecting to outside resources and agencies;

8.       Navigates barriers that limit access to support and/or treatment for students;

9.       Serves as a liaison between school and other public forums (such as hospitals, prior placements, community services and/or juvenile court).



1.       Lead and/or support exemplary programs, resources, and strategies that represent best practices in support the social, emotional and mental wellness of all students.

2.       Build strategic alliances and superior relationships with district, HCESC and regional partners;

3.       Assume other responsibilities and duties as assigned.


Shall be appointed to a limited contract with the number of days worked established by the employment contract. Salary to be established by the Board.


Performance will be evaluated in accordance with the Board policy.

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