Consultant/Coordinator of Gifted Programs

Hamilton County ESC

The Hamilton County Educational Service Center has an anticipated opening for the position of Coordinator of Gifted Programs for the 2022-2023 school year. Applications will be accepted until the end of business April 18, 2022.

To provide K-12 instructional program planning and leadership for gifted education teachers and administrators in single and multi-district settings.
Master’s degree or beyond with coursework in the education of the gifted, as noted in the Operating Standards for Identifying and Serving Gifted Students (OAC 3301-51-15). Endorsement/Licensure for Gifted Education required, valid Ohio certification in Supervision or School Administration preferred, previous experience coordinating programs for gifted, in-depth understanding of many diverse program options, instructional strategies, and materials appropriate for gifted learners, demonstrated ability to provide leadership to teachers and administrators, working knowledge of state and federal legislation concerning talented and gifted students, proven capability to foster cooperative efforts among educators, parents, and within the community.
1.            Coordinate gifted services to contracting districts.
2.            Serve as a liaison between Hamilton County Educational Service Center, the Ohio Department of Education, and school districts.
3.            Design and implement systems to determine needs of participating districts.
4.            Provide leadership for professional development and serve as a resource to teachers, administrators, community organizations and university programs.
5.            Advise districts in the development of their procedures in the areas of student selection, development of sequential curriculum and program evaluation.
6.            Assist teachers in designing individualized educational programs for students.
7.            Schedule, plan and conduct gifted meetings determined by regional or local needs.
8.            Assist teachers with self-evaluation, individual goal setting and accomplishment of goals.
9.            Consult and assist districts in designing, implementing and evaluating services and programs to meet the needs of gifted and talented students.
10.          Maintain knowledge of current research and best practices in the field.
11.          Participate in local, state and national conventions, meetings and programs in order to acquire information, provide input, and give direction.
12.          Disseminate information from local, state and national sources to teachers, interested professionals and community groups.
13.          Prepare state or local reports, as required.
14.          Evaluate and recommend appropriate instructional materials.
15.          Select and acquire materials and supplies for a gifted resource library.
16.          Serve in an advisory capacity to committees concerned with the education of gifted children.
17.          Serve as a liaison with school personnel, parents, community members, universities and colleges, industry, business and cultural institutions, and other interested publics.
18.          Work in partnership with the Ohio Department of Education and other stakeholders in advocacy efforts for gifted children.
19.          Serve as a collaborative member of the gifted services team and the Center.
20.          Assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Center Director.
Salary based on training and experience according to the established salary schedule. Benefits and retirement in keeping with employer’s policy.
The Hamilton County Educational Service Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer and endeavors to provide the highest quality service through employing professionals selected for their competence and expertise. No one will be discriminated against on the basis of color, age, origin, race, gender, religion, marital status, military service or disability.
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