Special Education Teacher Assistant – Early Childhood

Hamilton County Educational Service Center

Position Announcement
Early Childhood  Speical Education Teacher Assistant
The Hamilton County Educational Service Center has a full time opening for the position of Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Assistant for the 2020-2021 school year.   

TITLE:                                     Early Childhood Teacher Assistant

QUALIFICATIONS:                As established by the Board of Education

REPORTS TO:                       Early Childhood Center Director

JOB SUMMARY:                   To assist the Early Childhood Teacher in promoting optimal cognitive, language, social, emotional, fine and gross motor development in young children with and without disabilities.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Interact with children in individual and group classroom activities providing appropriate language model.

Supervise children in the school building, on the playground and on field trips.
Lift children (up to 50 lbs.), sit on floor/small chairs, change diapers, and clean-up bodily fluids.
Interacts with children in child initiated activities under supervision of teacher.
Perform out of class duties (ie: grocery shopping, snack preparation, bus arrival/dismissal, etc.).
Attend in-service meetings and workshops.
Participate in multi-disciplinary team meetings.
Respect and uphold school policies and procedures on a professional level.
Participate and assist teacher in daily planning and evaluation.
Assume lead role when teacher is out of room or absent, giving direction to teacher substitute.
Maintains a safe environment for children as they move about the early childhood classroom and school building.
Maintains the safety of children by staying in the close proximity of children or by physically assisting children.
Participates in physical activities with children (motor activities, toddler games, etc.).
OTHER PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES:Construct teaching aids (charts, art materials, posters, dramatic play props)
Duplicate instructional materials, forms and other related materials on or off site.
Attend parent conferences at teacher, parent or supervisor request.
Accompany teacher and students on field trips.
Assume responsibilities assigned by the supervisor or Early Childhood Center Director and/or those requested by the classroom teacher and endorsed by the Director or his/her designee.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Salary as per current salary schedule.
School calendar(s) adopted or any amendment thereto. Fulfills all duties in connection with his/her job assignment as he/she may be directed to perform.
Abides by and maintains all rules, regulations and policies presently in existence, adopted or amended hereafter by the Employer during this contract term for its government and the government of its employees and the pupils of the school district.
Performance will be evaluated in accordance with the Board’s policy on evaluation of support staff.

Please complete the online application and forward resume to:
Stacie McMahon 
Supervisor/Consultant, Early Childhood

To apply for this job please visit www.applitrack.com.