Mental Health Wellness Liaison

Hamilton County Educational Service Center

QUALIFICATIONS:  Required associate degree in social work, school counseling, education, mental health, or related field.  Bachelor’s degree or higher preferred.  Strong organizational, writing, and verbal skills.  Ability to work effectively with a diverse population and manage caseloads across several districts. 


REPORTS TO:  Superintendent’s Designee


JOB SUMMARY:  The candidate will fulfill a social worker type role.  Working as a part of the Inter-District Mobile Wellness team, the candidate will be focusing on the unique needs of designated students and their families, with a focus on students who are disengaged and/or struggling with remote learning. The Liaison will meet students in their home or in the community to identify their barriers and provide support in conjunction with the students’ school district to improve learning outcomes.  Services may include but are not limited to developing relationships with students and families, providing basic technology support, providing students and families components of Social Emotional Learning, and providing information regarding basic needs and social services. 




1.       Investigates cases of non-attendance and disengagement with remote learning  through phone calls, text messages, Face Time, virtual meetings, home visits, etc. to identify the student barriers to remote learning.

2.       Initiates meetings, utilizes surveys, and other forms of data to gain insight for continuous improvement and planning.

3.       Establishes and maintains community partnerships to provide services to children and families.

4.       Maintains accurate records and prepare reports related to program activities.

5.       Implements Social Emotional Learning Curriculum and embeds this philosophy in their day to day practice with students and families.

6.       Initiates and maintains regular contact with students and families.

7.       Initiates and maintains continuous interchange of ideas and feedback with member schools on items effecting student attendance and remote learning, such as providing district personnel with information regarding barriers and action taken on referred cases.

8.       Develops and maintains records and documents.

9.       Travels to various locations daily, including students’ homes.

10.   Able to work non-traditional hours when necessary to accommodate family schedules. 

11.   Develops and supports school readiness routines/activities for remote learning in the home.

12.   Participates in staff meetings and training experiences as deemed necessary by the supervisor.

13.   Communicates clearly in oral and written form on complex issues.

14.   Works as a team member with HCESC and school district personnel to ensure all service area requirements are met to carry out the goals and objectives of the program.

15.   Works with school administrators and/or staff to develop and implement preventive and corrective strategies that deal with remote learning, attendance, and engagement. 

16.   Develops and implements family/parent involvement strategies including social emotional learning, setting goals, etc. as related to remote learning, attendance, and engagement.

17.   Exhibits basic computer skills with the aptitude to learn multiple district’s platforms to support remote learning and support students and families.

18.   Assumes other responsibilities as assigned by the Supervisor.



1.       Handles confidential, sensitive information.

2.       Maintains professional boundaries at all times.

3.       Demonstrates good listening skills.

4.       Adapts to handle stressful situations.

5.       Establishes positive relationships.

6.       Exhibits proficiency with multi-tasking.

7.       Works non-traditional hours to accommodate the needs of the position.

8.       Maintains a valid driver’s license and vehicle operated legally according to Ohio law.

9.       Possesses strength and mobility to climb stairs and navigate the community.


Salary and contract days to be established by the Board.



Performance will be evaluated in accordance with Board policy.

Please complete application via applitrak and submit resume to:
Joan Lawrence
c/o Hamilton County ESC
11083 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45231


To apply for this job please visit