Full Time Speech Language Pathologist 2021-2022

Hamilton County Educational Service Center

TITLE: Speech/Language Pathologist

QUALIFICATIONS: A Master’s degree in Speech Pathology or in a related area
from an accredited college or institution: Ohio Department of
Education Certification/Licensure in speech/language pathology
and License from the Board of Speech Language Pathology
and Audiology. Must be able to travel to various locations on a
daily basis.
REPORTS TO: Supervisors of Communication and Specialized Services
JOB SUMMARY: To identify and provide services for communication disordered
1. Provide screening, diagnostic assessments, and interventions to identify students with
speech and language disabilities. (Frequently)
2. Appropriately implement rules and regulations in accordance with district, state and
federal guidelines. (Frequently)
3. Develop, implement and manage goals for an individual educational program for
communication disordered students based on team input. (Frequently)
4. Communicate and collaborate with other educational team members, including
teachers, administrators, parents, outside agencies and medical specialists regarding
the status of the individual students, and the communication therapy program.
5. Maintain policies and procedures of the Hamilton County Educational Service Center.
6. Participate in professional development to stay current in “best practice” techniques,
maintain licensure, and improve job performance. (Occasionally)
7. Provide information and/or consultation to parent and school staff about
communication development and effective intervention strategies for prevention and
remediation of speech and language problems across the school curriculum.
8. Manage the workload as needed for each unique assignment. (Frequently)
1. Supervise Speech and Language Pathology students in training. (Occasionally)
2. Assume other responsibilities as directed by HCESC. (Occasionally)
1. Salary as per current salary schedule.
2. School calendar(s) adopted or any amendments thereto.
3. Fulfill all duties in connection with his/her job assignment as he/she may be directed
to perform.
4. Abide by and maintain all rules, regulations and policies presently in existence,
adopted or amended hereafter by the Hamilton County Educational Service Center
during this contract term for its government and the government of its employees and
the pupils of the school district.
Speech/Language Pathologists will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the
Board’s policy and the master agreement on evaluation.

Please complete application on line. 

Submit resume and letter of interest to: Julie Hauck, julie.hauck@hcesc.org

To apply for this job please visit www.applitrack.com.