Family Community Partnership Liaison

Hamilton County Educational Service Center

 The Hamilton County Educational Service Center has an immediate opening for a Family Community Partnership Liaison for the 2020-2021 school year. Resumes will be accepted until the position is filled. 

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree in education, social work, public administration, or similar field, OR a similar level of experience and education. Knowledge of and ability to work with local community organizations. 

The Family and Community Partnership liaison will accomplish two purposes:
1. Connect schools, families and youth to community resources and local systems of care.
2. Provide professional development to enhance the capacity of local school districts to deliver effective family engagement.

1. The ESC Family and Community Partnership liaison will work with school district personnel in their member districts and member community schools to build a network of community resources, partners and support services for vulnerable youth and families.
2. The liaison will participate in training and professional development offered through organizations such as the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center at The Ohio State University. With support from the agency or the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center, the liaison will conduct a needs assessment in the community, analyze results of the needs assessment, and then develop strategies to create systems of local-level communication, resource distribution, connection with community partners and agencies and family engagement specifically for vulnerable youth and families.
3. The liaison will facilitate connections and partnerships with local community services organizations. By developing, cultivating, and sustaining these partnerships, the liaison will be able to connect services with the needs identified by local member school districts.
4. The liaison will engage with the Ohio Department of Education’s vulnerable youth services team where appropriate to build the capacity of local school district staffs to strengthen connections between staff serving vulnerable youth and families in districts, as well as connections to community agencies and resource providers.
5. The Family and Community Partnership liaison will provide support to district liaisons responsible for implementing Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requirements for students experiencing homelessness, students in foster care, adjudicated youth and English learners; however, the liaison will not provide direct technical assistance related to the ESSA requirements.
6. Working collaboratively, the local school district homeless liaison still will work to ensure homeless youth are identified, federal ESSA provisions are upheld, and the youths’ rights are guaranteed. However, a local school district homeless liaison may work with the ESC Family and Community Engagement liaison to connect students and their families in the district with additional community resources to support housing, food stability, access to technology, or other wraparound supports and services.
7. The liaison will administer a needs assessment to identify local needs of vulnerable youth and families due to COVID- 19.
8.The liaison will participate in trainings based on local needs and deliver resources to school districts and community partners based on identified needs. 9.The liaison will identify and build relationships with local community partners to develop a network of supports and services for students and families.
10.The liaison will facilitate resource and information sharing between local school district personnel and local community partners to build their capacity to provide services for vulnerable youth.
11. On an as-needed basis, the liaison will work directly with families to assist with connections to local community partners.
12. The liaison will analyze and apply best practices in family engagement to local programs and school districts.
13.The liaison will design and deliver trainings and professional development to local school district personnel.
14.The liaison will measure and assess effectiveness of work on an ongoing basis.
15.The liaison will maintain accurate records and prepare reports related to program activities.
1. Excellent written and verbal communication
2. Project management
3. Coordination of social services
4. Facilitation of trainings or professional development
5. Relationship-building between systems and providers
6. Valid driver’s license and vehicle operated legally according to Ohio law.
7. Prior experience working with school district personnel, students, and families is strongly preferred.
8. Perform other tasks, as assigned by the Superintendent.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:   Shall be appointed to a limited 200-day contract or as agreed upon. Salary to be established by the Board. The Liaison is required to work at least 30 hours per week.

EVALUATION: Performance will be evaluated in accordance with Governing Board policy.

Please complete application, and submit resume to:

Vikki Clemons,


To apply for this job please visit