Early Head Start Home Visitor

Hamilton County Educational Service Center

Position Announcement Early Head Start Home Visitor 
The Hamilton County Educational Service Center has a full time opening for an Early Head Start Home Visitor for the 2021-2022 school year. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.
SUMMARY:   Responsible for providing Home Visiting direct service, build trusting relationships with the child and family, utilize ongoing assessments and a variety of screening tools, document, reflect and set goals with the parent.  Incorporate a strengths base approach supporting positive parent-child bonding and nurturing parent-child relationships. Work with parents to strengthen the family’s knowledge of child development.  Review weekly progress and intervene, if needed, by referring to outside experts for formal evaluations of developmental concerns or to community resources to support other family needs. Organize with parents for socialization/group experiences. Must be an excellent teacher and effective case manager who is caring and committed to families and able to offer encouragement and hope. Be able to demonstrate high levels of expertise in the areas of respect for diversity and acceptance of differing lifestyles.  Must be a team player with a solid understanding of personal limitations and range of expertise, be committed to personal and professional growth.   Willingness to be trained in the PITC – (The Program for Infant Toddler Care Framework for Home-visitation) – which will combine social work best practice with the latest information on early childhood development and parenting.   Willingness to be trained in PAT (Parents as Teachers Curriculum).
QUALIFICATIONS: CDA (Child Development Associate) Credential or Early Intervention Certification through DDS and work experience providing services to infants, toddlers, and/or pregnant women.  High tolerance of paperwork and documentation is highly desirable. Knowledge of family resources and services throughout Hamilton County, knowledge of Early Head Start preferred, Spanish bi-lingual skills desired.  Must have a valid Ohio Driver’s License, insured car and clean driving record.  Must be able to travel to various locations on a daily basis.  Pass criminal background checks.   Within thirty (30) days of employment, must pass an initial health physical including tuberculosis screening to assure you can manage the physical demands of this job and to assure you are in good health and that there is no significant risk to the health and safety of others.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Adhere to agency policies and procedures including Early Head Start Performance Standards and state regulations. 2. Assist with recruiting and enrolling eligible families in the Early Head Start program. 3. Plan 90 minute weekly home visits and determine individual family goals for each visit. 4. Establish a home visit routine and schedule that is basically consistent yet flexible when needed to meet unique child/family needs as they arise.  5. Conduct parent/family interviews and family needs assessments. 6. Maintains confidentiality. 7. Meets deadlines (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly) 8. Track and assist with coordination of periodic medical/health screenings. 9. Complete and maintain appropriate child file records, provide accurate on-going assessment data for each child and family as well as timely data entry into Child Plus, TS Gold. 10. Maintain accurate mileage reporting and documentation of professional training hours. 11. Provide socialization/group experiences to support goals established during home visits.   12. Maintains environmental safety checklists to ensure safe equipment and materials.  13. Develop and implement program plans based on individual developmentally appropriate goals for each child and instructional programs to encourage parental involvement and self-confidence as their child’s primary source of affection, care, and teaching. Utilize Infant and Toddler Creative Curriculum and Parents As Teachers Curriculum.  Adhere to best practice guidelines of PITC – Parent Infant Toddler Care Home-visitation model. 14. Guide parents in identifying and supporting their child with age appropriate, child-initiated, success-oriented activities designed to enhance intellectual, social-emotional, motor and language development for children ages’ birth to three years. 15. Support positive healthy attachment between parent and child while building the parents capacity to support and advocate for their child’s social and emotional growth and well- being. 16. Use materials familiar to the child/family such as items already found in the home, to enhance the development of a developmentally appropriate new skill set. 17. Provide Early Head Start parents with guidance on home safety, nutrition, health, effective discipline, constructive play activities, and other related topics.  18. Provide information on community and agency services and refer families as needed. Support families through the referral process to ensure services are obtained to the greatest extent possible. 19. Assist families in coordinating doctor, dental visit, WIC, and other community needs identified by the families, including transporting family member(s) only as an option of last resort. 20. Support family’s transitions from Early Head Start services into the Head Start program or other family selected preschool program starting at age 30 months. 21. Collaborate with Health and Nutrition Manager and staff. 22. Collaborate with Special Services and Support staff. 23. Follow procedures for referral to Help Me Grow. Support the work of and participate in case management with Help Me Grow service provider team. 24. Making provisions for being available to families for education or program related required purposes outside the “typical” work day when required or requested. 25. Assist in maintaining an inventory of parent resource materials and follow check-out procedures of resource materials. 26. Performs other duties consistent with the position as assigned.
SALARY & BENEFITS: Shall be assigned to 235 days of work.  Salary to be established by the Board.
EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY AND ADA STATEMENT: The Hamilton County Educational Service Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer and endeavors to provide the highest quality service through employing professionals selected for their competence and expertise.  No one will be discriminated against on the basis of color, age, origin, race, gender, religion, marital status, military service or disability.
Submit Letter of Interest with Resume to:
Kathy Tirey
Hamilton County Educational Service Center Center for Early Learning Pro
Fax:  513.851.5747

To apply for this job please visit www.applitrack.com.