Covid Impact Instructional Specialist Reading – All grade levels

Hamilton County ESC

Job Description Instructional Specialist – Reading Specialist Covid Impact
Board Approved 6-16-21


QUALIFICATIONS: Degree from an accredited college or university; Valid license and/or endorsement in the main content area taught and for the grade level(s)of job availability- Ohio K-12 Reading endorsement required. Minimum of three years teaching experience preferred; Travel to various locations as the assignment requires.

REPORTS TO: Instructional Supervisor, Auxiliary Services

JOB SUMMARY: Provide academic intervention and/or enrichment programs for students. Be a professional resource to school staff and HCESC colleagues. This is a position being funded by federally provided COVID relief monies

1. Design, implement and evaluate programs that reflect research-based practice(s) in instructional practices as related to the areas of reading including but not limited to phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension and written expression.
2. Model and deliver best practice instructional processes, techniques and strategies in the content area taught.
3. Prepare unit and lesson plans including learning goals and objectives, pre- assessment strategies, instructional strategies and methods, differentiation strategies, and postassessment strategies.
4. Organize and maintain a classroom environment conducive to effective instruction and learning.
5. Assess individual student performance utilizing appropriate formal and informal assessment measures; utilize data to monitor progress; differentiate instruction; and measure program effectiveness.
6. Communicate effectively and collaborate with school administration, teachers,parents and colleagues.
7. Demonstrate strong instructional leadership and problem-solving skills.
8. Be cognizant of and adhere to HCESC policies, procedures, and deadlines.

1. Collaborate with school team to determine program outcomes, criteria, and eligibility.
2. Maintain and provide appropriate documentation of student progress and program effectiveness. Job Description Instructional Specialist – Reading Specialist Covid Impact Board Approved 6-16-21
3. Promote positive public relations with school and its community.
4. Actively participate in ongoing professional growth and share learning with colleagues.
5. Serve as a resource to HCESC colleagues with organizational initiatives and projects.
6. Maybe required to provide service in a separate discipline within your areas of licensure
7. Be familiar with the mission and vision of the Hamilton County Educational Service Center and actively seek to further its core values and principles.
8. Perform other duties as assigned

1. Salary to be established by the board
2. School calendar(s) adopted or any amendments thereto with the number of work days established by the employment contract
3. Perform all duties in connection with job assignment as directed.
4. Abide by and maintain all rules, regulations and policies presently in existence, adopted or amended hereafter by Hamilton County Educational Service Center during this contract term for its government and the government of its employees and the pupils of the school district.

EVALUATION: Professional personnel will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Board’s policy and the master agreement on evaluation. 

Please apply at and submit resume and letter of interest to:

Cindy Herald
11083 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45231

To apply for this job please visit