Assistant Principal of School Culture

Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati

Assistant Principal of School Culture is an innovative and experienced person who is strong in discipline, leadership, and communication skills. The Assistant Principal of Culture is a leader who promotes school improvement, ensures school safety, performs managerial tasks, and organizes the disciplinary and PBIS committees.

The Assistant Principal of Culture helps to create a shared vision, removes obstacles to learning, manages resources, and gains the support of students, Administrators, parents, and the community. In short, the Assistant Principal of Culture is the embodiment of the life and spirit of school, its students, systems, and traditions.
Broad scope of position is to implement a professional discipline program that encourages a positive, proactive, and supportive learning environment by parents and faculty for all students.

1. Work daily between 7:00am – 4:00pm with no less than 210 days
2. Create a positive atmosphere in the faculty to help ensure success for individual student learning.
3. Monitor a school-wide plan for classroom management and discipline.
4. Model and instruct various character traits such as honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, and excellence.
5. Manage and play the key role in resolving all discipline problems in a fair and just manner, and maintains records of any disciplinary action taken.
6. Attend meetings, conferences, and in-service training as required.
7. General supervisory responsibility for student activities/events, programs of orientation, and similar activities.
8. Communicates with parents via phone, mail or e–mail to inform them of disciplinary actions concerning their child/children, follows the due process. Meet with parents if it is required.
9. Constantly monitors halls and cafeteria.
10. Promote fairness of students and staff from all cultural backgrounds.
11. Supervises school detentions.
12. Supervises students and maintains an orderly environment during school breakfast and lunches.
13. Acts in a timely manner on student discipline referrals from Administrators.
14. Maintains up–to–date daily, weekly and yearly records of disciplinary actions for individual students.
15. Maintains hard and soft–copy (via database) of discipline files for each student.
16. Investigates and responds to all parental appeal letters after Director’s directions. Responds to the parent as to the decision of the Academy via letter or e–mail.
17. Checks the school buses in the morning and in the afternoon and has good rapport with the bus drivers.
18. Develop interventions to reduce inappropriate student behavior and increase positive student behavior.
19. Maintain student records related to student behavior.
20. Collect data, prepare statistical reports, and analyze trends as may be required.
21. Review reports of student misconduct that may require disciplinary action and ensures recommendations/actions conform to school and district policies and State Laws.
22. Confer with parents, Administrators, counselors, support service personnel, and students on matters of discipline and welfare.
23. Enforce the rules of behavior for study hall, detention, and on-campus suspension.
24. Help School Director, design, manage and implement information systems to manage and track progress on school’s goals and academic excellence indicators.
25. Supervise follow-up procedures for those assigned work on campus and after school make-up.
26. Responsible to organize and conduct in safety inspections and safety drill practice activities (i.e. fire and tornado drills…..etc.) and matters of school security.
27. Assist Director in interviewing, selecting and orienting new employees.
28. Maintains effective communication with staff, parents and the community-at-large.
29. Assist in handling emergency and crisis situations that pertain to students.
30. Assist in counseling individual students and, when necessary, make appropriate referrals for testing, guidance, or psychological counseling.
31. Work with community and government agencies on problems relating to student legal issues, drug abuse, truancy, etc.
32. Work and coordinate with local police and juvenile agencies.
33. Keep informed about current policies, laws and regulations, trends and practices concerning student services, health and welfare.
34. Organize weekly Saturday detentions and afterschool detentions
35. Performs any and all such duties as may be assigned by the School Principal/Director.

Job Related Conditions:
1. Maintain control in stressful situations.
2. Travel may be required.
3. Extended and irregular hours.

All primary roles and major responsibilities are listed. Additional duties and skills may be required for each job.

Pay range: 40K+ ; Must be certified
Benefits: Horizon Science Academy offers its employees a wide range of benefits and STRS


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