Academic Instructional Coach

Horizon Science Academy Cincinnati

Instructional Coach Job Description

SUMMARY DESCRIPTION: The Instructional Coach is a critical lever in improving student achievement.  The role of the coach is to build teacher capacity and their understanding of instructional

practices as related to the Ohio Learning Standards, Common Core and Data Driven Instruction. 

An instructional coach is a learner who models continuous improvement, lifelong learning, and goes above and beyond to ensure student success. The Instructional Coach will promote reflection, provide guidance and structure where needed, and focus on strengths, collaboration and common issues of concern. They are responsible for ensuring high-quality instruction in classrooms through modeling, co-planning, co-teaching and providing feedback to teachers. 

The instructional coach will demonstrate and model a passion for urban education reform and leadership. This is NOT a supervisory position and DOES NOT include evaluation of colleagues.


– Model lessons in classrooms on a daily/weekly basis.

– Support the instructional development of all teachers in understanding the Ohio Learning Standards and varied assessments, the Framework for Teaching, and data analysis.

– Build strong relationships with teachers and administrators.

– Provide direction and coordination for how the curriculum is taught consistent with HSAC’s

initiatives and recognized best instructional practices.

– Create an articulated schedule with building administration.

– Assist teachers with resources, materials, tools, information, etc. to support classroom instruction

and planning, including new resources.

-Support teachers and administrators in using data to improve instruction on all levels.

– Assist teachers with planning and pacing of lessons, the development of differentiated lessons,

and the selection of best practices to meet the needs of their students.

– Support teachers by helping with the ―strategic how of teaching — share multiple instructional

strategies/processes with teachers during planning times.

– Informally observe (non-evaluative) lessons and provide feedback for a teacher’s professional

growth and students’ success.

– Develop staff members’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors through a variety of

professional development targeted topics and designs.

– Develop coaching plans for teachers to ensure student improvement.

-Provide job-embedded informal professional learning; Submit a weekly coaching log and any pertinent data requests/coaching documentation.


-Minimum 5 years’ experience teaching, with a record of successfully impacting student

-Professional Teaching certification

achievement and working successfully with students who have the greatest needs.

-Proven ability to work cooperatively and effectively with colleagues, including the ability to

create and nurture a professional community of adult learners.

– Demonstrated leadership qualities and strong interpersonal skills, including giving and receiving

constructive feedback.

-Proven ability in using student-level data to guide instructional decisions.

-Demonstrated Teacher Leadership.

-Strong pedagogical knowledge and content expertise.

-Demonstrated expertise in oral and written communication; Strong interpersonal skills.

-Models continual improvement, demonstrates lifelong learning, and applies new learning to help

all students achieve.


– Improve student and teacher performance in targeted areas as identified.

– Increase in Professional Learning opportunities

– Change in teaching practices.


Salary: Based on experience 

Benefits: Medical/Dental and Vision, STRS

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